French diesels - enigma2
Does anyone have an opinion on what is the best French diesel? Is it the Renault dci or Citroen/Peugeot hdi?
Also, what do folk think is the best diesel engine around at the moment that is installed in a small, medium car?
French diesels - Alf
Depends what you are after. WE have both a CitroenHDi 2ltr 90bhp Picasso and a C3 1.4 HDi 16v 92bhp. Both give excellent mpg and performance. The C3 is a pocket rocket with this engine, though does have appreciable turbo lag (overcome by keeping the revs up before you take off).

As HJ says the 2.0 ltr Picasso diesel is an excellent long-legged cruiser and ever so comfy. Legendary Citroen ride with conventional suspension. I have never driven the Renault dci but remember seeing some unhappy reports concerning technical issues...can anyone help?

The Peugot hdis are the same as citroen, I think Peugeot own Citroen. The 2.0ltr Hdi comes in a 110bhp version which unfortunately is not available in the Picasso.

Picasso around 45mpg, driving normally (some have quoted 60 mpg ,though I cant see how)

C3 Hdi 16v around 60 mpg driving normally ie 'to get there'


French diesels - enigma2
Thanks Alf for your views. I own a Clio 15dci that is very nippy. I am impressed by the fuel consumption too. Sometimes the trip computer reads 72mph. Is this really true? Honest john said recently that trip computers are notoriously innacurate.
What is the 14hdi like for fuel?
French diesels - DavidHM
I've only ever driven the Clio 1.5 dCi and I really liked it. It was a bit slow, but with 65 bhp, it's not meant to be fast. Fuel economy, mostly town driving, was about 60 mpg and, as it was a rental, I didn't exactly spare the horses.

Don't know how that's meant to compare, and everyone will go, "It's a Renault, it must be unreliable," but I still thought it was a very pleasant small car.
French diesels - Ben79
The 2.0 HDI 110 is fantastic in the Xsara (and also in my C5).
The Xsara will feel a lot sprightlier than the 307 as it weighs less.

On my 3rd Citroen. Saxo, Xsara, C5.

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