Motor Warranty Direct - Bill Doodson

I have looked at the site for the above outfit but cant find the grading of the cars. Which cars are the most reliable? I have looked at Top Gears JD Power survey, but they dont say how many cars were in each sample. If its only 50 then they dont have enough information to give a good statistical result. If MWDs results are on lots more cars them it will be far more reliable.


Re: Motor Warranty Direct - Alvin Booth
Just looked at this site.... looks too good to be true.
I note they are underwritten by AIG. I have my annual foreign travel insurance from them taken off the internet. Cheapest on the market I think.
A mate bought a warranty on his car which was covered by the RAC. It cost him £300. He needed them twice but could never get through to them on the phone they were always engaged so he paid for the repairs himself.
Has anyone else had dealings on this site with MWD. I think you need to know if they have a good reputation.
Mechanical Breakdown Insurance - David Lacey
In my experience, any Mechanical Breakdown Insurance has it's pitfalls. From the interpretation of the parts covered to servicing requirements, they always seem to find a get-out-of-paying-the-claim clause.

In saying that, some MBI's are excellent. Ones like Rover Approved and Network Q offer class leading national cover.


Re: Mechanical Breakdown Insurance - rogerb
I have just made a claim, for £120+, as part payment for a new inlet manifold(£300+ in total, 70% being paid for by Ford on a goodwill basis).
My claim has been approved, and am awaiting a cheque - watch this space.

I had paid out nearly £500, for 3yrs 'Platinum' cover (the most extensive AND exPensive) - seems quite good value, IF they pay up without problems!

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