Licence plate sale - Thommo
In light of the recent post below about people not getting back I thought I would give you an update on the great licence plate sale issue.

While mindlessly playing on this site one day I used the personal number plate search facility and was amazed to find that an almost identical plate to mine was listed at £1,500. I'll have some of that I thought and determined to sell it.

On contacting several of these licence plate listing companies I found that none of them BUYS plates from you, you agree for them to list your number and they pay you if it sells, in effect they become your agent. The maximum payback I was offered was £150 (average £100).

Thinking this a rip off I advertised it on Ebay (cost £2 to list £5 for a reserve price). I set the reserve at £500 plus transfer costs (£80) which I now realise was too high. The maximum bid was for £180 from a man whom the first three letters of his surname match my plate. I am now attempting to contact him to see if he still wants to buy it.

So, the moral of the story so far is:

Plates seem to be worth maximum £200 and then only to people whose name matches the letters, do not overpay.

If you want a plate to undate your car you should get something obscure that does not match a persons name for about £100.

The plate listing companies are playing the same game as Ford in the seventies. Most business is (I assume) done at far below list price but no doubt occasionally there is a punter who unknowingly pays well over the odds.

Will let you know if I actually get to sell it and how smooth the transfer process is.
Licence plate sale - frostbite
You could also try listing on - no listing fee, and no success fee either!
Licence plate sale - hootie
I can't believe the prices that these kind of sites ask for - I too played around on the link (not out of interest to buy, out of sense of duty to follow the links) ;) and saw a plate for sale at £125,000 (blimey!!!) which is listed on the top previous sellers at DVLA's site, having been sold for £87,5000. Imagine that was just bought purely for profit, and what a profit (*if* it sold)

More money making from the government means you can also choose a brand new car registration - but I think they start at £500?

Not sure I'd want my other half's initials on a car - REC, although it used to be a geographical registration, so there's lots available.

As has been said before, can't quite believe how far the sellers think imagination can stretch either!

Good luck with selling yours Thommo.
Licence plate sale - Phoenicks
try Thats where i bought a previous plate.

very easy. £250 for most plates on the old system. e.g t20 abc. mostly £399 for plates that have numbers under 20. e.g t9 abc.

The new style are all £499.

Dont know about anyone else but i still prefer the old ones....
Licence plate sale - waterboy
I wonder how many numbers advertised are really available? For fun, I entered my own number into "Personal Number Plate Search", on the right column on this site. It says it is available!

Tomo as was!
Licence plate sale - hootie
I found H10 OTS - which made me laugh (re: cyberspace nickname) - teasing "The Princess" into thinking I would get it for the new car, pursued the purchase, but it'd apparently gone.

Just as well, she'd never have spoken to me again!


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