Anyone ever wish that... - Miller
.....they had kept their last car rather than bought their latest one?

I replaced my citroen ZX about a year ago for my current Mondeo. Don't get me wrong, I have had no problems with it at all since buying it but as my yearly mileage is only 6-7k I feel I am not giving it enough use to justify the increased petrol/ins/road tax costs, not to mention the depreciation, considering the ZX had more or less leveled out on that score and had given two years faultless motoring.

I suppose it was a case of wanting something better/nicer to drive but then again is that not always the case...?

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Anyone ever wish that... - Phoenicks
Totally. I've got a 1997 Mk3 Golf GTI 8v. I wish i'd kept my 1998 Peugeot 306xsi. A LOT nicer to drive.
Anyone ever wish that... - SjB {P}
On the subjects both of this thread, and of the Pug 306 alluded to above, this is precisely the reason why my wife still drives her nine year old 1.8i 8v Sedan.

Is it reliable? Yes, 100%
Is it economical? Yes, 35 MPG.
Is it cheap to insure? Yes.
Is it cheap to run? Yes, very.
Is it rusty? Not at all, and the paint still shines nicely.
Is it fun to drive? As one who dislikes French car design, embarrassingly "yes", hugely!
Is it comfortable? Yes, and the driving seat support and position is pefect for the missus.
Is it spacious enough? Yes, with rear legroom and the boot being suprisingly generous.
Is it well equipped? Yes, surprisingly so.
Is it noisy? At very high speed, yes, it is noisier than newer designs, but my wife's working day consists of slow local driving for the NHS. This also implies that she can't choose in which neighbourhoods to park the car, so absence of 'worry' is a factor, too.

The paint scratches just from looking at it!
The interior construction is, shall we say, 'chunky'.
Not the latest crashworthy design, but for what the car cost, and what our budget was, hard to improve on anyway.

So, why change, when neither of us gives a damn about badge snobbery, and we have something so well suited to the task?

Anyone ever wish that... - peterb
I once went from a Primera 2.0 GT to a bottom-of-the-range Megane 1.4 8 valve.

It was quite a shock to discover that the Megane's RH pedal did NOT make the car go faster! (To be fair, I rarely had to visit the petrol station in the Megane.)

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