Knocking noise from under front suspensi - Moby
Hi all

I own a R plate (1997) Mk4 Fiesta Flight with a Zetec-SE engine. When I purchased the car there was a slight knocking noise from the nearside front suspension when I drove a little too enthusiastically over speed bumps - bit like a "clank". This has since got worse, and occurs when driving over un-even road surfaces. It is most prevalent during slower (0-30mph) speeds, hardly noticable at speeds greater than 50mph.

Am I right in saying this is a common Fiesta problem? Is it linked to the metal arms that join the suspension to the anti-roll bar?

Thanks for any advice,
Knocking noise from under front suspensi - Kimion
Most likley be the suspension arm bushes, and most likely the bush which connects to the anti-roll bar. You can get them both done for about £40, or you'll need a special tool to remove them yourself. A mechanic will quickly find which ones need doing.


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