Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Phoenicks
Whats the worst car you've ever driven?

This is only for cars that are Post 1990!!.

My was a Suzuki Vitara 1991 with the Fat Boy kit. Horrific.

Running it a close second was the 1997 Astra Convertible. Horrible.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Dan J
1992 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6L - Was like trying to drive a waterbed with a leak.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Ivor E Tower
Saab 9000 5-door; engine seemed to lack power until lpt turbo spooled up (hopeless in town) and almost nil rear vision; parking was best avoided (it was a hire car from Aberdeen airport - fortunately only had to drive it for a couple of days).
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Burnout2
1990 Escort 1.3 HCS. A tractor without the utility - dog-slow, rough and noisy. Shock absorbers apparently reserved for the options list. Handling verging on the dangerous. Ford reliability the sole positive attribute.

Three years later, I drove a first-gen Mondeo 2.0 and couldn't believe they shared the same badge.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - teabelly
Hmm. I think it has to be a R reg Ford Ka that was the worst ever. The ka was gutless beyond belief and had a gear change like stirring porridge. No power steering so more trouble to manoeuvre than the croma I had at the time (the Ka was a courtesy car but it felt more like an insult!).
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Phoenicks
And i thought the KA was supposed to be fun!

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Danxxx
We have a Ka (2000 W) and it's superb. Does have power steering mind you.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Ben {P}
you think that 1.3 push rod engine is superb?
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - philVRS
I would have to agree with a Suzuki Vitara 1991 with the Fat Boy kit. Borrowed my mates once and it was absolutely awfull. A dreadful car.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Phoenicks
Hurrah- someone who agrees with me - at last!

It was really awful. awful interior. awful steering. awful looks.

I'm glad i drove it at night so no one could see me.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Altea Ego
Suzuki Swift, Auto with aircon. Hire car in Menorca. Swift it wasnt, I had to turn the aircon off or the meagre hoursepower would not climb smallish hills with 4 on board.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Chas{P}
Volvo 340 1.7 (as a company car!!)

Dreadful handling especially in the wet, heavy vague steering and a grandad image even when new.

The only consolation was the heated seats in the winter.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Phoenicks
Was this a Post 1990 car? I thought they stopped making it on an F plate?
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Chas{P}
They stopped making them in 1990 when the 440 came in and I am going back to then. There's even a few H platers knocking about heaven forbid!!
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Wally Zebon
Kia Mentor - a NIGHTMARE in the wet! Not so good in the dry either.

Cavalier Hatchback - impossible to reverse park.

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Canon Fodder

1982 Y reg Metro 1.3L - two hands were often required to change gear, forcing one to sit close enough to the wheel to allow steering with the knees.

Wasn't she a beauty though, on those 12" steel wheels....

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Wales Forester
1997 Escort Ghia X, handles like a plate of blancmange, can't wait to see it go tomorrow.

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Pugugly {P}
Datsun 100A - don't ask. (only positive thing was a two stage carb..)
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - bernie
Many years ago,I had to drive an old Reliant Robin a couple of miles,back to its owner.It was raining and the wiper was a bit arthritic.

It was one of those vehicles that had wires hanging down with twisted together and taped connections.

Its front wheel was held on by normal nuts,not locating wheel nuts.It was noisy,damp and cold.

How anybody drove this thing on a day to day basis was beyond me!

As a postscript,I was taking my father somewhere,a ten minute trip.We past a Reliant Robin with smoke gently wafting from under its bonnet.When I came back,said car was now a pile of mush with a chassis in the middle and the fireman hosing it down with bits of mush floating away !
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - SjB {P}
Truly, a Merc.

A few years back, in a colleagues' C180 manual on a 'P' plate to be exact.

Totally gutless, I recall struggling to pick up enough speed to join the M4 motorway at the same speed as the existing traffic. Plenty of horrible four cylinder boom from under the bonnet though.

Lifeless, undergeared, steering, with a steering wheel taken from a Routemaster bus.

And the piece de resistance: That utterly stupid foot operated parking brake. I fail to see the point of such a device even with an automatic gearbox (Buy an 'elegant' car, and have a brake that disengages with a loud and unrefined 'BANG'? Nah)

Crawling uphill in slow moving rush hour traffic with a manual gearbox, it eventually lead to a hot and smelly clutch, because I'd had enough of the damned thing.

Truly horrid car.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - mare
Hyundai Lantra (i think) hire car in Barbados. Had to turn off the air con to get up a not very steep hill. It was automatic, and the kickdown just produced more noise. The last straw was when i had to fill it up after three days. Barbados isn't very big you see, i worked that we had only achieved 20mpg! We complained and it was replaced with a dog-eared Hyundai Pony, which went like the clappers but we returned it after one of the rear windows fell out. Ended up with a Suzuki Baleno. Which was nice.

That said, we had only paid for a Toyota Starlet in the first place, so we didn't do too bad.

Also, my Dad's 1986 Escort 1.6GL. Nasty raspy engine, dreadful unassisted steering, went wobbly at the corners, and didn't have a FM stereo - it was a GL after all!!
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - GS
Austin Maxi with the "Russian Roulette" gearbox - you felt lucky when you got a forward gear. Heavy steering and going rusty at 1500 miles and only 6 weeks old.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Dude - {P}
Showing my age now, but the most horrendous thing I ever drove,(can`t really call it a car), was a Bond 3 wheeler with a 197cc Villiers motor bike engine. It was so slow, cyclists even passed me going uphill. Only drove it the once and that was it!!! - sold immediately at a loss, - so glad to see the back of it !!!!
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Hugo {P}
Pre 1990 was probably a Maestro. These weren't that bad on the whole, its just that this particular one was offered for sale by a garage I worked for temporarily. I was looking for a car for my mum. In the 5 mins I drove it the gear linkage came adrift such that only 3rd and 4th could be selected.

Post 1990, I think this will have to go to Novas. At 6ft 4 I found them very uncomfortable and I never felt safe. I was asked to drive them as part of my summer job at a Vauxhall Dealership. I always thought it would be so easy for my foot (size 13) to slip off the brake pedal onto the accelerator at the wrong moment. After several requests to stop being given these to drive were ignored, I had to put my foot down and refuse on the grounds of Health and safety. The GTE was the worst of the lot!

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Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - madf
1929 Riley 9 Monaco I bought for £30 in 1966. Fabric body, no synchromesh (by design), worn out pistons, oil was so thick it would not start on cold mornings, heavy steering.

Safety was great: petrol tank mounted in engine compartment above engine (gravity feed)..:-(
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - roscopervis
Its a toss up between either an F reg Ford Fiesta Popular which died at 68k, not just one major component,all of them, engine box, chassis body. When it was driving the concept of steering was somewhat different in that.

Or a 1991 Ford Escort 1.4 LX. Handling again was a bit pot luck, the engine, ah the engine... the brakes, the smell.... I think the fiesta pips in on lack of longevity tho.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Blue {P}
1929 Riley 9 Monaco

Was that not a classic even when you bought it? Or was it still young enough to be just considered a wreck!?

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Citroënian {P}
Sorry Martyn,

but Toyota RAV4 3 door ... in it's defence it was a garage loan car.


MINI adventure in progress
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Flat in Fifth
1929 Riley 9 Monaco

Complaining about a Riley 9, sacrilege, I've now got to go and have a lie down.

One day I'll tell you a story...........
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - madf
Riley 9 was a "classic" then : but classic menas "awful to drive"...
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - carayzee
Most disappointing was a Lotus Esprit S2
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Greg Parker
I have to say the worst car was the DAEWOO lenoz. Gearchange was soggy and really slow. I rated the polonez better and the fiat punto (both also quite bad)

The Honda Jazz is also poor in comparison to the Toyota camry's I drive. The car is badly made (the dash even scratches with your fingernails).
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - MrWibble
Another Daewoo - the Nexia based on a mk2 Astra in 1997 - hire car for 2 weeks - zero miles and already starting to fall to pieces - rear seat came off - other trim here and there - external trim came off whilst driving.

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - outkast
wordt car has got to be vauxhall zafira,like driving a park bench the seats are so uncomftable, after 1.5hrs my back and knees ached so much i had to get out and walk around to ease the pain.
luckily a hire car so i took it back and got an astra...not much better!
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - peterb
With apologies to the many Marque aficionados it's the .....

Citroen C5.

I couldn't get comfortable and the seats had so little lateral support that when I went 'round a roundabout quickly, I ended up sitting in the passanger seat while hanging on to the steering wheel for dear life.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Steve S
Ford Orion. Gears like stirring soup. Suspension & chassis set up stuck at "vomit" setting. Steering wheel offered only guidence toward where you wanted to go and cornering was a supreme act of faith.

A hateful, hateful bit of junk.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - ajit
To dd to that, I had an Orion automatic asa hir car. The upshifts were like a kick in the back. A real dog
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - CM
worst car that i owned was a R5 Campus, with the big sun roof. Not very well screwed together and had a tendancy just to give up and not start again for about 15 minutes. the steering went in its own direction and the breaks veered sharply to one side.

worst hire cars

renault clio 1.0 (or maybe 1.2) gutless, uncomfortable, cramped but it was clean.

toyota avensis 1.2 - seemed to be different to the ones over here. gutless, dead steering, uncomfortable, but it had an electronic speedo (stuck in the middle of the dash which I hate) and was clean.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Blue {P}
Do you really mean that there is a 1.2 Avensis kicking around somewhere? Or was that a typo?

I thought my 1.4 Fiesta was a touch underpowered!

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - CM
Wasn't a typo - def a 1.2 Avensis that was hired in Barbados. As I said it didn't look like a European one but had that dowdy styling so favoured by the Japanese.

As it was a hire car it went fast enough when needed not that Barbados has many chances to get above 30 mph.

Best thing about the car was the auto box which zapped what power the car had
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Miller
Mine has to be a Ford Sierra 2.3 diesel. Pumped out a measly 67bhp IIRC which meant 0-60 in about 20 secs and 90 mph flat out. Rough as a bag of nails, and with no power steering I doubt a smaller member of the fairer sex would have had the strength to turn the wheel when trying to park it!

I'm a loser, baby....so why don't you kill me?!
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - 3500S
Punto 1.2.

Truly hideous interior (grey and electric blue anyone), totally vacant steering feedback, truly no feedback with 'girly button' depressed which resulted in 45o movement to remain in a straight line. Gutless engine, useless brakes. Stupid console with electric window button almost on the floor requiring you to bent forward to reach them. High chair driving position was also very uncomfortable.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - SjB {P}
>>> I doubt a smaller member of the fairer sex would have had the strength to turn the wheel when trying to park it! <<<

From this, and many other posts, it's interesting to see how PAS is now seen as essential.

I even read a road test the other day lambasting the basic Ka because it is not so equipped.

For heaven's sake! PLEASE!
What are we? A bunch of wimps? ;-)
Sure, stick PAS on anything bigger than a Focus if you like, and even a diesel Sierra, but on 'superminis' and smaller.....

Going back through the years, I recall how my then twenty-something mother used to handle the truck called our family Volvo 144S with aplomb. U-turns. Parking in spaces precious longer than the car (helped my fabulous steering lock). Swift B-roads. All no problem and without physical struggle. PAS? Not a chance of it!

Infact, when the 144S was replaced with 244DL, one of the dis-benefits that both parents commented on was the lack of feel from the now assisted steering!
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - THe Growler
Rental time in UK 1999: those who try harder wanted to give me one of those ghastly Mercedes bubble cars and looked aghast when I said you'll have to try a lot harder than that, I won't be seen dead in a kiddy-car, then they inflicted upon me a Volvo S70.

Awful thing, fumbly gearchange where 1st kept getting mixed up with 5th, no poke whatever, poor brakes and a very cramped interior. When it finally wheezed its way to Lincs it was clear Volvo had definitely lost its way, what a dog.

Truthfully I have seldom had a rental car in UK I ever really felt at home with or enjoyed driving, with some exception -- a Sierra 2 litre around 1995, which was a very nice comfortable fast car, and a Vauxhall Chevette which I rented for two months in 1978 and which was super.

I forgot the Rover 826 (is that the one, the big one anyway). My admin had booked for me one of these at LGW and I had to drive up to LHR to collect some senior Japanese colleagues and drive to Maidenhead. Much interest from them in ah so this Engrish car, only to have it expire 20 mins later on the M4. I'm not into hara kiri but I feel loss of face as keenly as any Asian.

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Maz
Greg Parker - Mazda 626 unreliable?
Questionable build on the Honda Jazz?

Have you tried these...

Metro. Admittedly pre 1990, but what a grim experience in every way.
Post 1990, I hired a Citroen Saxo once. Just once. Stalled on the motorway doing 55 mph and another 40+ times in a single weekend. I may have had a bad one, but the pedals are awful. For people with small feet who know nothing.

The only good thing about these cars is if you needed to be cut out for any reason, there's no need to wait for the fire brigade. Any passing motorist with an item of cutlery can get you out.

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Liverpaul
Post 1992, a couple have been very poor, I was unfortunate enough to have to drive one of those Suzuki XC90's I think that's the name, absolutely awful.

I had to endure a Vauxhall Corsa hire car when I had a company motor in for service and it was awful. The good lady of the time had a Fiesta 1.25 and the difference was untrue, the fiesta was so much better. I hope the new Corsa os better than the old.

The funniest (although not for my dad) was when he as a Land Rover driver had to take the wheel of a frontera, not good, we could see how they managed to reach bottom of the JD Power survey so often.

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - carlh
1997 Rover 220D. Gutless, 1970's build quality. What was dissapointing was that I remembered driving a few of the previous models: 216/220SLi/GSi, 92/93 I think, which was a much better car. (Something to do with Honda was'nt it ?).
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Sparky
B-Reg rover 213 in a nice benson and hedges gold colour, my first car, on 2nd MOT after a year living near the sea the testers hand went through the bodywork and sill numerous times.. nice engine shocking steel
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - AlanGowdy
Toyota Corolla - one of the last rear wheel drive ones. Unbearably noisy over 60 mph, steering connected to the wheels by rubber bands (or so it felt) and suspension that made the car bounce sickeningly over bumps of any size. Also the brakelight switch was mounted directly on the pedal and clicked annoyingly every time I braked.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Morris Ox
The Lada Riva, a real journey back in time.

Original Vauxhall Frontera 2.3TD. Cynically under-engineered load of carp which had no guts over 60.

The Lada wasn't surprising, the Frontera was simply jumping on the awful lifestyle bandwagon, so my prize actually goes to:

The 1990 Ford Escort. Demolishes Vauxhall for cynicism through a combination of appalling dynamics and grim build quality. I particularly remember two things: unassisted steering geared so low it turned mini-roundabouts into bodybuilding exercises, and a marketing slogan built round 'breaks the law of averages'.

If that was average then mediocrity had plumbed new depths.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Dude - {P}
Having read through all these threads, I would agree with all your comments, with two exceptions. Firstly the Ford Ka has been applauded by all the knowledgeable motoring journalists for its go-cart handling and ride qualities, which still compares favourably with anything introduced recently in the mini sector. As for its performance, it will hold an indicated 90 mph all day on the motorway, so what more do people expect from a vehicle retailing for less than 6k ???
Secondly was the Riley Monaco, which when introduced in 1932, was an advanced design with a 1089 cc OHV engine, whilst most of the competition were still plugging side valve motors.In fact Ford stuck with side valve engines right up to the early sixties with the 100E engine.

In their day Riley was a quality vehicle with superb handling, and engineering integrity. To compare the name of Riley with some of the dross mentioned on this thread is an absolute insult to one of the greatest names in British motoring heritage and I would love to get my hands on one today!!!!
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - greenway2003
i have owned dozens of cars from a mini to a merc and the worst was a vw polo on an f plate it made me feal physicly sick after a couple of hundred yards everytime i drove it.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Flat in Fifth
Thank you Dude, I knew that I couldn't be the only one on here to appreciate a Riley 9 Monaco.

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - madf
"In their day Riley was a quality vehicle with superb handling, and engineering integrity. To compare the name of Riley with some of the dross mentioned on this thread is an absolute insult to one of the greatest names in British motoring heritage and I would love to get my hands on one today!!!!"

It was awful to drive: and Riley you may call a "great name", but I also remember Riley 1.5/2.5s with awful canvas roofs etc.

Frankly any one who designed a car with the fuel tank mounted above the passenger's feet over the engine was a witless moron even in the 1920s and to call that "engineering integrity" makes a mockery of the words.. imo..

absolute carp car:-)
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Hugo {P}
I had a Riva for 7 months or so. It was on a K plate. I sold it to someone who simply wanted basic transport to and from work. Having borrowed a Riva Estate for a few months he was absolutely struck on them. Despite the fact that it only had 3 months on the MOT left, he was happy to part with £100 for it.

Despite the clutch needing adjustment, it was a fine car. I used it to tow my trailer and for local run abouts. Despite the bad press they got they're excellent towing cars for their engine size (mine was a 1.5l which qualified it as a £105 RFL car).

I Don't know if I'd have another. but I wouldn't class it as the worst car I'd driven.

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Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Greg Parker
626 are not unreliable, but they are not as good as a toyota. The honda jazz has good build, but not good enough and should be improved especially that dash.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - bradgate
1996 Ford Fiesta 'classic' 1.3 - Partner's company car.

When Ford introduced the transformed Fiesta with the nippy handling and excellent 16v Zetec engines in the mid 90s, they continued to produce the old model for a couple of years under the laughable name of Fiesta Classic.

These cars had the ancient pushrod engine, stone age gearbox and suspension and a grotty 70's style interior. The car was indescribably awful to drive, truly like a British Leyland effort and was the last truly carp Ford.

It simply defied belief that a major manufacturer could sell such a car in 1996. Makes me shudder to think of it.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Blue {P}
Hey! I had a Fiesta Sapphire as my first car! Identical mechanicals, but it came with lots of gadgets...

It wasn't *that* bad, I personally never really liked the car because it didnt look pretty, had bad seats and was quite slow... But I wouldn't say it was awful, probably fine for a pensioner couple...

The worst I would say that I have driven was a 1992 Escort 1.6 LX, it was undoubtedly a very nice car when produced, but unfortunately this example had done 2 or 300,000 miles, we were never sure which, had been crashed, bodged and poorly maintained and the engine was on it's very last legs. But it still handled like it was on rails and had comfy seats. Come to think of it, I can't help but wonder if the shocks had been upgraded or something 'cos everyone moans about this car's handling, whilst the example that I drove handled brillianty...

I drove it for a couple of hundred miles whilst my mate was trying to pass his test, it was one of the benefits of our CIS insurance policies: *any* driver under 25 :-) Now for the twisted bit, I think I'm the only contributor who would gladly own another example of their worst car without any dread, if only it was a better maintained example!

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Cheeky
Think this will beat you all (well, some of you!!) - An FSO Polonez Panache. I've no idea on the year but it must have been early '90s. Truly repulsive, on loan, yea on loan from a small garage as a service car. Clearly thay couldn't sell it so they gave it out as a courtesy vehicle.

1. Horrendous engine/gear noise but minimal movement/performance
2. Interior literally falling to bits
3. To add insult ro injury, I remeber a lurid blue paint job and a 'go faster' stripe.

An absolute bucket of spanners...
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Greg Parker
I drove a fso polonez (newer one) and found it comparible to any new car. It may have been slow, but it drove similarly in terms of performance to a C5 diesel and felt okish.

I think the fiat punto 1l and daewoo lenoz are worse. They are really slow.
Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - DavidHM
C5 diesel? Is this a Sinclair C5 diesel? I can't believe that you think that a Polonez (okay, I've never driven one, was in one as a taxi about 96 - traumatic!) is in any way comparable to anything other wheeled mode of transport.

Do you mean the Matiz rather than the Lanos? That must surely be slower still.
Worst Car You\'ve Ever Driven? - bigV

big v,

It is not big or clever to nickname the Ford Focus using swearwords.
1. The swearfilter will block it anyway.
2. Any further instances of this and your account will be disabled.

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - THe Growler
Polonez=Baghdad taxi, or used to when I was visiting Iraq. From CNN seems they still are. They must have something going for them. I was waiting for someone to mention the Romanian Dacia, a take-off of an obscure rickety Renault, only 4 times worse. And the Hyundai Pony?

Worst Car You've Ever Driven? - Alf
New Honda Jazz.................Truly appalling ride.

Old Vauxhall Vectra 2.0 Di.....Truly appalling in all aspects,except spacious interior and bootspace.

Older Austin Allagro............Steering wheel should have been an optional extra.



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