Keep Laguna? - dagwood
Some advice please.I have 96 Laguna 1.8 RN, only the second owner and i like the car, it has now done 70.000 miles shall i keep it or will i start to have problems now?Has anyone had a 1.8 which has given them problems over 70,000 miles.Thanks.
Keep Laguna? - DavidHM
Even at this low mileage, it's worth £1300 tops. You may start having problems fairly soon, due far more to its age than its mileage as there are plenty of three year olds with 100k+ on them. (Or, judging by the 'low mileage cars' thread, yours may even be one of them).

Lagunas aren't known for being the most reliable cars and, to be honest, they could start giving you problems when they are much younger than your car.

My advice would be to keep it, as you like it, but if you stop liking it or it starts giving you lots of hassle, to sell it while it's still worth something.
Keep Laguna? - Pugugly {P}
Funnily enough went out in one of these last night, A R plate 66k up, Luxurious back seats (leather) with plenty of room (Puts Beemers to shame) very smooth ride, little engine noise, owner has had it since it was 18 months old, no trouble, few repairs.

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