Oil Residue - Nissan Micra - hansi
I have a lot of oil residue under the timing belt cover on my 1995 Micra 1.3 SLX Auto.I asked the garage to fit a new gasket last service but they jsut tightened it and cleaned the residue away. It was ok for a while but now it\'s starting to come back again. Should I insist on a new gasket this year or is there another solution?
Oil Residue - DL
New cam cover gasket together with new camshaft/crankshaft oil seals - while you're there slip and new cambelt on ;-)

This should see it done. Don't take any chances with a cambelt and oil leaks - they don't go well together.
Oil Residue - hansi
If by the cambelt, you mean the rubber belt, ( sorry I am not conversant with these terms) the pas belt and the alternator belts have both been replaced quite recently (Jan 2002)
Oil Residue - martint123
He means the timing belt under the timing belt cover ;-)
Normally any oil under the cover comes from weeping seals either at the camshaft(s) of crankshaft and the only way to replace these is to remove the cambelt - so it gets replaced whilst you're at it.
Oil Residue - sean

You have a reinforced rubber band driving your camshaft.

That is all that stops valves hitting pistons and engine damage that will have you phoning API for a replacement engine.

The last thing you want is ANY oil on the belt. That is one of the reasons why it has a cover.

You have a leaking oil seal, normally on the camshaft pulley. Get it changed. Change the contaminated belt and never go near that garage again.

The advice and actions given by them are truly disgraceful. (IMHO)

Oil Residue - Carl
Hate to disagree, but the 1.0 and 1.3 16 valve engine fitted to these vehicles has a timing chain !!!
Oil Residue - sean
Quite right, Carl.

I checked HJ's Car-by_car breakdown and it is chain driven.

He says:

"If the timing chain rattles and the car is out of warranty, leave it alone. You could be in for a £400-£500 tensioner replacement job."

If the oil is leaking out there may be excess wear.

Unusual to have a timing chain on a small engine like this. Usually belt for reasons of cost, noise and economy (less power drain with a belt)

Thank you.
Oil Residue - hansi
Thanks Carl, yes I realise now it's a chain because when the car was new, and driven VERY slowly you could hear the chain rattling and it got me quite worried, but the main dealer said that it was normal and as soon as you go over 5mph it disappeared, and the car has now done 65000 miles without problems. I'll get the garage to fit a new gasket and if necessary new oil seals at the next service.
Oil Residue - Nissan Micra - Greenparrot
Hi Hansi

If you're talking about the metal plate on the offside of the block this is a well known weak spot for oil leaks in the K11 micra - needless to say the dealer knows the fix but they may not have wanted to land you with a bill for 1 hours labour and £30 worth of sealant.
If you or any one you know is handy with a spanner it is a very straight forward fix.
1) Support engine via sump
2) Remove offside engine mount - 4 bolts
3) Remove 10ml bolts holding timing chain cover
4) Gently prise away cover
5) Remove all old sealant & oil from both surfaces
6) Reaseal with a good quality oil resistant sealant & re-

The timing chain rattle is OK at idle, the sign of problems is when it is more or less constant with engine revs.

Hope this helps


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