Mazda6 2.3 AWD Sport Estate - Dog? - LongDriver {P}
I've read varied reviews about this model, which is currently the top-of-the-range.

Anyone out there driven one? I can't find one to test drive at the moment.

Dog or diamond???
Mazda6 2.3 AWD Sport Estate - Dog? - DavidHM
Hard to say.

The AutoExpress review was scathing. My feeling is that, even if the car happens to be any good, rather than stunningly slow for the money, people are going to remember the review, know how good the rest of the range is, and decide that they'd rather spend their money on another one from the range.

Therefore it might work out significantly more expensive than another model in the range, because of depreciation, quite aside from the diesel vs. petrol economy issue. My advice would be that this is not the one to get for that reason.
Mazda6 2.3 AWD Sport Estate - Dog? - Maz
I haven't driven one either, but a host of reviews suggested that the car didn't have the power to please. The 4WD sapped what little it had, and the car was pronounced the only dog in the Mazda6 range.

Looks very nice though.


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