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I am looking for a reasonably sized estate car - up to 20K tops new, which I am planning to keep for 10 years. I have narrowed it down to a Passat 130PD Sport, an Octavia L&K 130PD or an Accord Tourer 2.0 SE. I have not had a firm price for the Skoda but the other two are 17K to 17.5K. I have read numerous threads about the PD motor and wonder what people think is the best long term bet. As I plan to keep it for so long residuals are not a great issue, but reliability really is. I do not normally use main dealers so that could be a shock as well - or should I buy a second hand A6 Avant 2.5TDI - but I have concerns that would need to be a 40K example (for the spec I would like)and keeping that 10 years. Mileage is about 12K per annum.

I would welcome any thoughts - thanks in advance
Passet V Octavia V Accord - mlj
Make sure the Octavia is big enough. Huge boot but very tight in the back compared to your alternatives. Remember the Octavia is based on the Golf.
Avensis estate?
Passet V Octavia V Accord - DavidHM
I would personally go for the Accord, because the Passat is an old design now. The Accord is also especially massive.

I don't know how loaded you want the car to be, but I guess that a few thousand extra up front makes little difference over ten years.

Reliability and dynamics are also likely to be superior, and there is always a ready market for elderly Hondas as minicabs, whereas Passats don't seem to fare so well - even though the quality on the B3 (?) Passat was absolutely astonishing so that I've seen 200k minters.
Passet V Octavia V Accord - Dave97
Thanks for the two above - but I have just been offered the Octavia L&K 130 at over 6K less than the similarly speced Honda -only more test drives will tell
Passet V Octavia V Accord - NorthernKev {P}
What's wrong with the Mondeo? If you're not fussed about residuals, check out the banner above, they're going cheap! [Also pays HJ something, I think!]

The Skoda is the same as a Passatt, just better and cheaper [does that make it different? Oh dear...]. The Honda looks the sharpest [newest] but unlikely to get one cheap...

Passet V Octavia V Accord - MichaelR
If you are goinbg to keep with it for 10 years, buy a used premium car.

Something like a 530d Touring or an Audi A6 Avant 2.5TDi would be my choice here.
Passet V Octavia V Accord - Morris Ox
Long term there's no contest here. Factor out the Passat because it has probably a year left to run and is beginning to creak a bit. Ditto the Octavia, a long body on a short wheelbase and the oldest of the current crop of Skodas.

Which just leaves the Honda. QED
Passet V Octavia V Accord - mlj
I would look at an Avensis estate. Great reports, cheaper than the honda and your original post stressed reliability.
Passet V Octavia V Accord - the gardener
Another member of my family has a 16 month old Octavia 110 diesel which he is really pleased with and the dealer is very helpful too. He had to take it over to them for something recently and they were keen to mention an attractive exchange offer. Why?

Well, they want to sell the Skodas (obviously) and they can easily sell them second hand too because of demand + it is starting to age a bit and maybe they want to shift some stock in anticipation of a replacement?

Just something to think about.
Passet V Octavia V Accord - Stuart Lawrence
Have you considered the MG ZTT?

Much better all rounder than any one of those three.
Passet V Octavia V Accord - Dave97
I have but SWMBO will not think about one - or a Ford so Mondanoes are out as well. We have had 2 Audi estates for the last 14 years (current a 2.6 - first a 2.2 5 pot) and IMHO the quality is not the same now as it was 15 years ago. There is so much choise part of me thinks just keep the old bus running for a few more years - but we fancy a change.
Thanks for the thoughts - time will tell I suppose
Passet V Octavia V Accord - jud
If you?re keeping the car 10 years (why?), it makes little difference in the long run which car you chose from you're list, all your choices will be bangers by then. The diesel is of the latest design and if you can put up with the noise a good choice, only i would prefer it fitted to a Audi over the ten years. The price difference is very little between a nearly new Audi and a new passat for e.g. Ten years ago i would have said buy the honda for reliablity, but now i think the standards have slipped a bit since japan went into recession some years ago. However i would chose the jap engine for its refinement everytime if you intend to drive only average mileages. The honda is a new design and could (though would not expect)have some new model niggles.


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