Alfa 156 AirCon! - jlo
Hi All,

I have a 2001 Y reg 1800cc Alfa 156 Veloce. I have never been impressed with the Aircon system. On hot days I have to have it set on maximan and seems to take quite some time to cool the air. After driving 20 mins the car does start cooling down.

My Father has a Primara and my Wife a Citroen Xsara and both cool the air much quicker compared to mine. I did telephone the dealer and they hinted that all the 156's were like that.

Its a company car and I wondered if other 156 drivers have been pleased with the aircon or have experenced the same as me?

My car is black which does not help so the air con has more work to do.

Kind Regards

Alfa 156 AirCon! - Dave N
Of the few 156's that I've seen, they've all been pretty poor. The temperature from the vent has always been ok, but the distribution and quantity of air, especially from the funny vent on top of the dash, has been lacklustre to say the least.

Apart from checking the obvious things like blocked pollen filter and slow blower speed, I suspect there's not much that can be done.

I'm a great believer in keeping things simple and functional, but sadly Alfa(and others)doesn't always follow those rules, and I think it shows up in the ventilation system design.
Alfa 156 AirCon! - jlo
Thanks for your reply.

I think you are right. Its just the way the car is. I will ask the garage to check the aircon system at the next service!

Any other 156 drivers out there. What do you think of the aircon system?

Kind Regards

Alfa 156 AirCon! - PR {P}
My last 156 had automatic aircon (climate control). I found this ok, without being brilliant. However, I went to Italy three times in it and it did cope quite well, despite outside temps of high 30's! It was my first car with aircon though so nowt to compare it with!
Alfa 156 AirCon! - Dynamic Dave
Sily question, but I take it you also have the air recirculate button switched on as well?

By running the fan at maximum speed you're not actually helping the system cool right down to it's minimum temp. What I generally do is initially open all the windows first - this gives the interior a chance to cool down while driving along. Run the air-con for a few mins with the fan turned right down to lowest setting - this gives the system time to get going properly. Finally I shut the windows and then turn the fan speed up, making sure the recirculate is also on.
Alfa 156 AirCon! - jlo
Good point!

I do use the recirculate switch on very hot days and open the windows to get rid of the innitial heat built up. I will try running the air cons for a few minutes with the fan at the lowest setting to get it going. Will see if that makes more of a differance.

The car will cool down eventually (After around 20mins) its just not so efficiant as other cars I have been in with air con.

Thanks for all your replies.

Alfa 156 AirCon! - Big John
On a hot day Er-indoos's Punto HLX pumps out very cold air seconds after startup. I shut the windows within seconds of setting off to keep the cold air in and the warm air out.

I did discover one problem worth noting though. Water drains out of a pipe that has a plastic cover with a rubber end under the bonnet above the NS steering rack gaitor. It is worth checking that the rubber pipe end is fully open and clear. Mine was allowing water to drip through slightly but was constricted, on a hot/humid day the flow of water from the air con exceeded the drip rate from the rubber pipe, result wet carpet! After opening the rubber pipe end and drying the carpet (only slightly wet)all was well.

Alfa 156 AirCon! - Simon156
I also have a black 156 which gets hotter than the sun inside! My old A3 was like a fridge when set on low and I am very disappointed with the 156.

One thing I have discovered is that the air control flap under the silly centre vent, sticks. If you take the cap headed bolts off and try smearing some vaseline or something else slippy on the rubber edge of the flap then it at least opens when it should!

Has anyone had their air con re-gassed? Any better? How much?


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