AA or Europe Assist ???????????? - scruffythedog118
Here's a tricky one????

My AA cover is due for renewal on 28th July (£104) for which it includes:

Europe assist for 72 hrs FREE if pre booked

this is JOINT COVER also my car insurance is due on the 21st and being offered Europe assist for 49.95 CAR SPECIFIED which includes:

Europeon breakdown

Does anyone know anything about europe assist, are they a company in their own right, (ie) do they only use their own breakdown vehicles & staff or do they rely on local garages, to attend and help.

Bit concerned in case its the wife with the nipper only...

AA or Europe Assist ???????????? - TrevP
'Fraid I know nothing of EuroAssist.
But a recent Which? report said the AA left the rest standing when it comes to service levels and response times.

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