Vectra Cam Chain - CarlW
I have just bought a '97 Vectra 2.0Di with 80K on the clock.
So far thanks to your wonderful knowledge you have solved the following

ECU light problem - Air Mass meter changed
Not starting in mornings - Have changed the spill back pipes.

Now running nicely, except I'm concerned about the cam chain.
Do i need to replace it or anything?
The engine does kind of "buzz" above 3000rpm, is this normal for this engine or am i worrying over nothing??

Vectra Cam Chain - Ben03
in a word, probably!

phone a dealer to find out what the recommended interval is, and if it's due, do it! it's not worth the risk...

i've no idea if the buzz is symptomatic of anything, sorry.


Vectra Cam Chain - mark
Hi Carl

used to have one these and I had it to about 127k.

Not the most reliable of cars but I got used to VX dealers and finding out about in service mods.

There was a revised engine mount issued in 97 which reduced the buzz which lasted from about 2700 - 3100 rpm might be worth asking about this mine was free under warranty.

The cam chain was a grey area at the dealers in fact the first 6 or 7 invoices presented for service itemised a charge for checking the cam belt, I became weary at pointing out it had a chain not a belt when getting this taken off the bill. One service receptionist inisted blind it had a belt and that it had been checked Ahem.,

I often asked about chain life at different dealers the most common answer was "the life of the car" but having had experience of knicker elastic cam chains in motor bikes I was always suspicious. Saying that mine got to 127k when I sold it with nothing to indicate anything untoward. I was scrupulous about oil changes with Millers XFE and this might have helped. Must say I don't think getting a chain changed would be cheap.

as ever

Vectra Cam Chain - Dynamic Dave
Not sure if this info is of any help or not, but I remember reading somewhere that the camchain on my Vectra 2.2litre petrol engine is recommended to be changed at 100k miles.
Vectra Cam Chain - CarlW
Cheers for the info guys, I'll give the dealers a call in the morning to see if they have any "convincing information" for me !!

Mind you, I'm considering changing the car already as I just changed the oil and some numnut before me put in a different sump plug with some loctite sealant on it and a plastic washer.
Now although it seems to stay in, I'm sure its rotating, so sounds like a helicoil job.

Its just one problem after another with this bleeping car......
Vectra Cam Chain - CarlW
I rang 2 dealers who both said there is no service interval for the timing chain.
So lets hope it lasts forever then !!!!!
Vectra Cam Chain - CarlW
OK I'm going to have to change the entire sump tomorrow.
Decided that as it was going to cost £100 to get it helicoiled I might as well get a new one from a dealer for £116.

Anyone know of anything else i should worry about in doing this job ??????

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