Receipt when selling a car - Ben {P}
Guy coming round to pay the balace due for a car he is buying from me. I have given him a receipt saying a accept x amount as deposit, and am due y amount, making a total of z for the sale of ford reg blah blah blah.

He is coming soon and says i have missed a few things in the receipt. What should and shouldn't i sign? Does the guy hae any come back if any faults materialse with the car? Should i right sold as seen on the receipt?

Receipt when selling a car - sean
Please delete if you can't agree, but I usually say:

Received with you wrote...

For Fiat.... reg A 123 DOG, which is my property to sell, is not subject to an HP or Finance agreement, and is sold as seen tried tested and approved without further warranty.

The vehicle remains the property of the seller if funds are not received as agreed.

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