Urgent Question - Brake Problem. - OAP
I am a non-technical person so need comments, please, on the following fairly basic question.

This morning I had some work done on N/S/R brake drum. The mechanic took O/S/R wheel off as well and later told me that he had adjusted both brakes.

I then did a 50 mile high speed journey before calling at a tyre depot. The fitter there drew my attention to the fact that O/S/R wheel was very hot...binding brake??!!

He said that there was a risk of the whole thing seizing up.

Was he right? Might I have ended up hitting the central reservation crash barrier?

I have to go back to garage after lunch...hence the urgency.

Urgent Question - Brake Problem. - Victorbox
It is correct he should adjust both brakes, but clearly one is adjusted up too tight and is now binding and heating up due to friction. This happened to me after a service 20 years ago and the first I knew about it was when I applied the brakes and the brake fluid had boiled so the pedal went to the floor. Fortunately I had enough distance to pump the pedal & use the handbrake!
Urgent Question - Brake Problem. - Mikey Jay
It may not be the mechanic's fault. The slave cylinder,or h/brake cable may be seized.

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