Service Scam? - Deryck Tintagel
I am just about to get my Vauxhall serviced just to maintain the warranty and breakdown cover for the year. I have had an itemised quote for the service and noticed that they wanted to use 9 units of oil at a total cost of £36. It didn't specify the units (litre or half-litre) but the car uses 4.5 litres to fill.

The cost seems very expensive for 4.5 litres and, compared to trade prices, the 9 litres wouldn't be exactly cheap. Why would they wantto use 9 litres of oil?

Before I query what they propose - am I having my leg pulled here?
Service Scam? - Dan J
1 unit = 0.5 litres of oil.

Standard Vauxhall service pricing.

If you don't like it, I've yet to find a Vx garage which wouldn't use your own oil (provided it's to spec) and refund the oil cost.

Also remember, Vx quote a fixed price for servicing which you I imagine agreed to. The £36 just forms part of it...

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