mayo in coolant reservior MKII golf - iom_dave
Hi, wonder if u can help. My dad got my grandad's golf (he had owned it since new), hasnt done much (29000), ive got it now that ive passed my test (done around 500 miles mostly in the last month). I thought i better check oil and water and found mayo under the coolant reservior cap, on closer inspection there seems to be quite a lot of it in the coolant tank, but still a reasonable level of coolant fluid in the tank (blue coloured) since when u squeeze the radiator pipe the blue liquid squirts to the surface. There is not any on the oil cap or dipstick (oil is dark but clear). I realise this could be very bad, my other thought is that maybe grandpa put oil in the water? The car has been sitting around in our garage for about 2 years with very low usage. Dad said to empty out the tank (remove hose) and put in new water do that tommorrow and get it serviced, anyone any ideas about other possibilities other than head gasket failure? Ive been keeping and eye on the temp gauge since ive had the car (since it is old) and it never goes beyond half way.

PS not a good day - dads tipo starter is packing up and two videos have decided to refuse to eject tapes :)
mayo in coolant reservior MKII golf - iom_dave
i meant to say its the 1.6 cl for 88/89
mayo in coolant reservior MKII golf - David Lacey
I'd clean the tank out, flush the system and run the car, keeping an eye on what appears....
mayo in coolant reservior MKII golf - Malcolm_L
Low mileage car, probably doing lots of small runs where the oil never gets hot enough to burn off water.
As a new owner doing considerably more mileage and longer runs, the water has started to evaporate out and condense as mayo.
Agree with David, but I don't think you've anything to worry about, if the coolant level doesn't drop and you're happy that this was the problem - I would change the oil and filter as well.
Sitting round for 2 years isn't going to make any oil better, possibility of bacterial contamination as well.

Best of luck
mayo in coolant reservior MKII golf - iom_dave
how easy is it to flush the engine for coolant, i have to get the VW coolant to be phosphate free? Any ideas how the oil got in the coolant?
Thanks for info
mayo in coolant reservior MKII golf - iom_dave
my dad's decided to take it to the garage so we'll see what happens
mayo in coolant reservior MKII golf - jc
Check the orifices and filters in the crankcase ventilation system are clean;do an oil change using Wynn's engine flush or similar and then give the car an Essex tune-up;ie.a good hard hot drive.
mayo in coolant reservior MKII golf - Drew20
sounds like you've got a good car there. Shouldn't worry too much about the mayo, give it a good clean and flush it out a couple of times (by replacing water every hundred miles, don't forget to add some antifreeze each time to inhibit cylinder head corrosion). Change the oil too and replace oil filter with a genuine one from a VW garage (helps protect hydraulic tappets better than cheaper versions).

oh and don't forget to replace the sump drain plug washer when you do the oil.
mayo in coolant reservior MKII golf - iom_dave
hi seems to be ok (hoepfully), garage used
and gave it an all clear, the oil was probably from put in the coolant tank by mistake by grandpa. Put it in for a service to get new oil and the coolant flushed.
Thanks All

PS i have already typed a similar message but it got lost in the electronic ether.


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