Motorway skidmarks - Stu
Travelling on our motorways I am struck by the frequency of skidmarks which veer quite violently (say 45 degrees or more) into the barrier or embankment.

A lot of people clearly leave the road, sometimes ending up quite high on the grass slope or through the hedging, with it seems, little warning.

Ok so the long straightish ones are from panicked tailgaters or where someone has pulled out carelessly, but the violent curvy ones, often with a spin involved?

Are these caused by tyre blowouts?
Re: Motorway skidmarks - Stuart B
From one Stu to another,

When a relative was on regular m-way patrol as a traffic officer he always commented that he found it surprising how often he would pass along a stretch of road that he had covered maybe 30 minutes previously and would come across new skid marks of some phenomenal avoidance, lines criss crossed like spaghetti.... yet he knew there had not been an accident as there had been no report.

Re: Motorway skidmarks - Chris
I was once in the back seat of a hire car that left the motorway, went through some busy roadworks, up an embankment and back through the roadworks onto the motorway on two wheels but going sideways as well as forwards. It eventually righted itself back in lane and pointing the right way having lost about 5mph. The cause? Driver picking up sandwich. Result? We hit nothing and nobody, amazingly, but trashed a brand new set of Michelins, damaged the exhaust and dented the underside of the Rover. The driver still had the sandwich in his left hand when normality returned, as if nothing had happened. I didn't go back to check but I reckon the skidmarks on the road (and elsewhere) were enormous.

Re: Motorway skidmarks - Kev
How wierd, i was going to start the same thread last night, but decided against it. The best sets ive seen are at the m18/a1 split there must be a good 30 sets weaving all over the place.
Re: Motorway skidmarks - Brian
There seem to be too many for blow-outs which, after all, are comparatively rare.
I believe that they are from vehicles without ABS or faulty ABS where the driver has panicked and lost it.
Re: Motorway skidmarks - Guy Lacey
A lot of the skidmarks on the motorway (not the wiggly ones) are due to articulated wagons with unloaded trailers locking their rears under mild to heavy braking.
Re: Motorway skidmarks - Dishonest Pete
Thought you were talking about the skidmarks in your boxies after a near miss with an artic!
Re: Motorway skidmarks - Andrew Hamilton
Drivers fall asleep at the wheel or concentrate on their mobile phone call. You can see them a mile ahead on the motorway drifting out of lane. I usually see it when the road is fairly empty and driver loses concentration. Luckily all those I saw managed to recover when hitting the rumble strip!

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