Paint Protection Treatments - IanM
I have been offered by the dealer a Paint and Fabric Protection Treatment by the name of 'Surelook' on a new car that I am picking up shortly at a cost of GBP200. Does anyone have any experience of these treatments in general and this one in particular? If the car is to be kept for the long term, is it worth investing in (for easier cleaning) or is it of no great benefit in a rural (ie non-seaside) environment?
Paint Protection Treatments - sean
I don't know what "Surelook" is but have used several of these polymeric sealing type finishes over the years.

To be truthful I'd save the money and invest in some decent polish like Autoglym, Mer, or suchlike.

Most modern paints are water-based now. To get a good adhesion onto this paint would be tricky. If you use polish you can re-apply it whenever you like and keep the protection up.

I'd also worry about colour matching in the event of an accident. Surelook could alter the hue slightly.
Paint Protection Treatments - bertj
Modern car paints don't need 'protection'. Yet another dealer scam like fuel additives, to separate us from our hard earned money. How much do they want? - I bet about £300!
Paint Protection Treatments - bertj
Sorry - didn't read your post properly - £200 is still outrageous.
Paint Protection Treatments - David Lacey
Waste of money, period.
Paint Protection Treatments - Armitage Shanks{P}
Waste of money IMHO! I took it on a 2nd hand P**g**t and it didn\'t make the water bead up on the paint like a good wax does and it made the dash so shiny and refective that I can hardly see out of the windscreen when driving into the sun. Null Pointes!

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