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Audi A2 Roof Rack or Tow Bar - Richard Foster
A friend of mine has an Audi A2 (May 2001) with the glass roof.
He takes it camping & needs a roof rack or trailer. NOBODY seems to be able to sell either.
Audi say they don't do a roof rack because its the glass roof version.
Audi say they can't fit a tow bar because his A2 hasn't got air conditioning!!*. CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND A SOURCE OF RACK OR BAR, PLEASE.

(They could fit air-con and a tow bar but not just the bar) could
Audi A2 Roof Rack or Tow Bar - IanT
Have a look at

This link discusses problems with cars which have not been type-approved for towbar fitment, including the A2.

Also, some cars have "no permissible roof load" specified by the manufacturer. Don't know if this applies to the A2, but given its top-heavy shape as well as its glass roof, it's pretty likely.


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