Laguna Engine cut out - robert bligh
I have an L reg Laguns 2.0 RXE in very nice condition for age of car but suffers engine cut out. The car starts and runs very well but will cut out completly without spluttering or warning. After being stationary for less than a minute the engine will start immediately and then cut out again a couple of hundred yards up the road. due to age and mileage 147K it does not justify spending a fortune and would be a shame to send it to the scrap yard due to its overall condition.
Apart from the usual niggly renault problems it is an excellent drive. Does anyone know the answer to this annoying and frustrating problem ? The on board nag tells me there is a fuel injection problem and to contact you know who.

Note DIS Cap, Rotor Arm, Oil Seal and HT Leads replaced.
Laguna Engine cut out - RichardW
Could be any one of the engine sensors. If the warning is on, there is probably a fault code in the memory and this could be read and point you in the right direction. Should be possible at an independent rather than paying main dealer rip off.


Laguna Engine cut out - Big John
Check any earth connections, if in doubt make a new connection. Responsible for many a problem!
Laguna Engine cut out - Big John
Sorry forgot, also check fuel pump connections(electrical) and relay.
Laguna Engine cut out - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Agree on having the trouble codes read. Could lead you straight to the fault. I have had a couple like this in recent memory, Crank angle sensor was one and ignition amp the other. Not easy to check without decent digital voltmeter or oscilloscope. When it fails you are looking for a clean strong output from the crank sensor (AC volts) and a clean 5-0-5 volt square wave to the amp from the ecu. A competent tuner/diagnostic engineer should be able to find this resonably quickly

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Laguna Engine cut out - robert bligh
Thanks for reponses, all of which sound feasable and helpful. I will give them a try this weekend and keep you posted. My diagnostic skills are limted will try the more basic and simpler ones first


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