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Hi all, I've posted here a few times and have been greatly appreciative of all the help i've received. I'm about to pick your collective brains once again if i may....

A week ago i bought a 1993 Vauxhall Carlton CDX 2 Litre injection with manual transmission. I love the car and it drives beautifully (compared to the Volvo 460si it replaced) but i'm afraid it has been neglected. The paintwork laquer has lifted in a few places (entirely across the top of the boot lid) and has a couple of deep, but small, dings that are probably going to necessitate a complete respray at some point. The engine is as quiet and smooth as can be however and i definitely think she's worth the effort and expense to put right (there are other irritating little things that don't work). Here's where I need your help.

The car only cost me £450 (with 6 months T&T, private sale) but as i'm on a severely tight budget i need advice on what to prioritise and concentrate on first. The obviouse engine oil/filter change is planned for but what others?

The diff doesn't exactly whine....more of a 'ssshhhhhh'....and i've been advised by a local small motor factors shop to replace the oil in there with the Lucas Oil additive detailed here...

what do you think? Would you also use this in the gearbox? I've read a lot of your opinions on these types of additives in this forum (i was advised 100% replacement with this stuff).

Could anyone suggest a sensible sort of 'maintenance' schedule i could embark upon? I've decided it's safer to assume that his car has been totally neglected!

Once again, much appreciation for your time and advice.


Suggested maintenance - Glutton
This has cropped up before... and for a Carlton too!

A good list of maintenance that should be carried out on a secondhand motor.

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