VW central locking - borasport20
since yesterday, when i\'m im the car with the engine running, if I lock the doors, all four lock then the front passenger door unlocks itself immediately - has anybody any idea why ?

(NB - seems to be okay if locking from the outside

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VW central locking - Baggy
I've got the same problem with my wifes 1998 1.4 VW Golf. The central locking mechanism works fines, i.e will lock with key via the door and if the key is in the first position in the ignition , the interior locking button will lock all 4 doors. The problem is when I start the car, all 4 doors locks open automatically with no way to use the interior button to re-lock. Took it to VW who quoted me a massive £300 to replace some sort of sender unit in the drivers door which they think is duff. Before I commit to the work, I'd just like your views, and see whether a cheaper option exists?
VW central locking - borasport20
baggy - to me this is the final nail in the coffin, i've just had too many niggles, major and minor with this car and it's going withinh the next week, almost certainly for a Honda - something with a better reputation for reliability

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VW central locking - Rudedog
This a known problem with VW's. I have a 1998 Golf 4 and the same thing has started happening to me. When I activate the internal door locks all close and then the rear passenger door bounces back up, only after several times does the door lock. The drivers door lock contains several switchs, they control the in-door light (which also has to be on to activate the lights-on warning buzzer) and the alarm switch (red flashing light by pop up switch). I have had problems with my lock and it is expensive to be sorted out, I am waiting to see if the problem gets worse or if I can live with it.
VW central locking - Aprilia
A colleague had this happen on his Passat. It think the cost to fix (dealer) as in excess of £300.
VW central locking - neil 1
I have same problem on my 98 Passat - i get round it by not locking doors from inside at all! The answer seems to be buy Japenese.
VW central locking - sean
Sigh, if only everything was as reliable as a VW.

(Which they are. Very)

All it will be is a loose connection to the passenger door lock solenoid.

The door opening and closing pulls the wiring loom next to the hinge end of the door.

Pull back the black rubber tubing from the door. Feel about inside for the thick power cable and get someone to operate the master lock on the drivers door for you.

Problem usually clears just by manoevring the wires but in bad cases there may be a break in the wire which needs the panel off to relocate and rejoin.
VW central locking - swerve1969
my passat estate (s reg ) key fob only actives tail gate unlock and not the doors for some reason was working fine till i put car up for sale anybody any idea's
VW central locking - mark25
All your problems are probably down to bad solder joints inside the door lock mechanism, meaning the sensing switches don't registaer the door/lock status correctly anymore. A new machanism is expensive, but here's a DIY guide to fixing your old one. Not for the feint hearted, but doable given soldering iron and a systematic approach:


Have fun.

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