Hyundai any good ?? - Dude - {P}
Hyundai must have great confidence in their products, to offer them with a full 5 year warranty, - I was wondering if anybody in the B.R. has got one, and their opinions on their merits or problems. Following an article in last weeks Sunday Times on the disposable car, it is very tempting to run one of these for 5 years, without hopefully too many expenses, and then scrap it!!!
Hyundai any good ?? - busker
My Dad ran a Hyundai Pony for about 7 years back in the '80s. He bought it at about a year old I think and it ran & ran & ran. It was very boring and felt tinny and cheap, but nothing broke or fell off, although it did get pretty rusty (Cornwall, sea air). He passed it on to my sister, who ran it for another couple of years until the rust caused it to fail the MOT. We took it to the scrappie then.
I think the latest ones are just as good from what I hear and some of them look a little better than the Pony did!! Depending on what sort of car you need, I would buy a used one from a dealer, with a history, and run it 'til it drops

Hyundai any good ?? - Dynamic Dave

Hyundai any good ?? - Dude - {P}
Thanks DD - I did`nt realise this had been discussed on this forum that recently, - most of the replies in the thread you kindly mentioned though were mostly for older vehicles, built long before the 5 year warranty was introduced. For whatever reason, it would appear that not too many in the B.R. have taken the plunge and bought one recently to verify any improvement in materials and the already sound build quality.
Hyundai any good ?? - Dude - {P}
Addendum to the above thread, I am particularly interested in any experiences or feedback on the Getz model. Maybe H.J. could borrow one for a day and give us his assessment in the car x car breakdown ????
Hyundai any good ?? - steveb
Addendum to the above thread, I am particularly interested in any
experiences or feedback on the Getz model. Maybe H.J. could borrow
one for a day and give us his assessment in the
car x car breakdown ????

Saw a "Getz" this morning, old fella driving, inside lane of the motorway doing 55, big artic right up his backside, lorry pulls out to overtake on a slight incline, old fella speeds up to 60, lorry can't get by, has to pull in back behind after 1 mile of the two of them holding up both lanes, old fella slows down to 55 again ....

Car looked ok though, if over 60 ....
Hyundai any good ?? - busker
You might want to consider Protons and Kias in the same way Dude. Not much cred, but relatively cheap and reliable. Proton dealers generally figure quite highly in customer satisfaction surveys
Hyundai any good ?? - Maz
What Car raved about the Getz and voted it best value car in its last awards, IIRC.It might be worth getting your hands on a copy of the magazine if you can.

All in all, you'd have to say that with a new car, 5 year warranty and less than £8k, it's difficult to spot a flaw in your thinking.
Hyundai any good ?? - Alf
dont be swung by a 5 yr gtee. most manf offer 3 yrs and its well chep enough to buy a comprehensive waaranty for he remaining 2 yrs.

Hyundai any good ?? - DavidHM
Agree with Alf.

Find the best price you can on a base model Getz, then compare it to a similar spec Fiesta 1.2 Finesse from a broker (~£6700), add the cost of the two year warranty and think about which is the nicer car, what they're likely to be worth second hand, and how easy they will be to sell at that price.

I haven't done the maths but I reckon the Fiesta will come out ahead, especially as Ford parts tend to be cheaper. In neither case will you need something that's not scheduled but Hyundai spares can be shockingly expensive, the theory being that you shouldn't need many of them.
Hyundai any good ?? - SteveH42
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Ford warranty just one year 'full' warranty plus an extra 2 year limited one? (That's the impression I've had from other posts, ditto Vauxhall)

That is, of course, assuming the Hyundai 5 year warranty is a full one. For comparison, BTW, an extra year full manufacturers warranty on a Yaris is about £250.
Hyundai any good ?? - Dude - {P}
The crucial thing to remember with the Hyundai warranty, is that it is a full 5 years with UNLIMITED MILEAGE !!!!
Hyundai any good ?? - DavidHM
The Ford warranty covers pretty much anything except wear and tear parts, although I guess this could be more widely defined outside the 1 year period, or more widely than Hyundai does at any point.

However, you have to specify that you want cover for years 2 and 3 - it's free and just a matter of ticking the box on the order form. Maybe fleets don't do it though.

The warranty outside the legal minimum also requires the car to have been serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's intervals, at a franchised dealer.

A warranty isn't the same as a mainteance package though. And, as extended warranties are usually available up to 5 years and 100k, it's quite likely that for most private users, these will effectively be unlimited mileage anyway. Maybe it's different if you're sales repping or minicabbing, but there can't be many one owner, 100k+ five year old cars out there.

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