New Car buy Back - clariman


Ordered a new Fiesta June 2nd and paid a £300 deposit.

Garage rings day before my 2 week holiday, no problem we'll have it ready on the 27th.

Log book was on my door mat when I returned.

Went to pay and collect yesterday but when the car was presented it looked second-hand with grease stains on the seats and looking like it had been in a Spanish field for 6 months.

Manager agreed it was poor and unacceptable, I stayed very calm and he offered a free service. I asked for 5% of the £10,000 price. He, without any haggling, declined and promptly gave me my money back.

I was surprised to say the least. It was registered and taxed, but wait for it, I had 'dual controls fitted' in the deal for my driving school!

What I wonder will they do with the vehicle now. Another dealer informed me that 'de-registration' is possible. So no doubt some other unsuspecting punter will get a second-hand 'new' Fiesta.

How many 'new' cars are re-processed like this I wonder?


Is de-registration possible?

New Car buy Back - J.B.
Not if you send the V5 back to the DVLA as you are legally bound to do!

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