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I have a full moped licence, not that I ever passed a test just my licence is 20 years old so I got it when I passed my driving test.
Thinking of getting back on a bike (went to the Beaulieu bike show on Saturday), what can I ride?, do I need any training (although I will get a refresher anyway), can I go on a 125 with L's indefinitely?
Any ideas,
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One for you bikers - David L
Hi Mark,

Have a look at this page, it's got some useful facts on it :
Here's the offical lowdown from the DVLA :

If I understand your post correctly, you are currently allowed to ride a moped (that is = 35Kw power output, you will be limited to less than 33bhp for the first two years of having your full licence. (Sorry for the different power units, that's how it was presented to me)

Just for reference, when I did CBT a couple of months back, it set me back 80 quid, including bike and gear hire. DAS lessons were 40 quid for two hours.

To acquire your full licence, you will need to do a theory test (around 18 quid), even though you already have a car licence, and a practical test (about 50, I think). Once passed, you will need to pay another 18 to exchange your paper licence for the photocard and adding the test pass.

Having very recently passed the test myself, I'd thoroughly recommend motorcycling, and wish you the best of luck with it all.
One for you bikers - corblimeyguvnar
cheers for the info, will look into the cbt and stuff, looks like its going to cost me a few bob but it'll be worth it to get me a shiney new (well new to me) norton cafe racer (in my dreams) all i got to do is persuade er indoors now, wheres the nunber for that florist!
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But if you go for a proper motorcycle take a good rider training course. Any motorcycle club should be able to refer you. The training you get to pass a test is exactly that, it doesn't teach how to ride and enjoy your machine to the full.

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I suppose there is no point in trying to talk you out of it is there?
I passed my bike test 23 years ago on a Suzi GT250X7. At that time if you lasted the first week (I knew of two people who lasted two days) then expect to get complacent at two months and have a major prange. Best option on that is running into a corner too fast and find it tighten up on you. Sadly I often read on our local teletext of some middle-aged fella involved in a fatal accident. The reason it happens is unimportant, at least to the body and his immediate grieving family.

Motorcycles can be great fun, SHMBO and I went camping on them a few times, but really there is nowhere for your clobber with out unpsetting the balance big time, and when it rains well no more fun lets just stay upright at a reasonable speed.

Please reconsider. I know the temptation when the sun is out.

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