Help, my aircon smells! - Mike200
The air conditioning on my Rover 200 smells when I switch it on. I think the previous owner had a dog, i have found dog hair under the rear seats.

It is not only the aircon that smells, but also when I have the fan on as well.

I was wondering if it was some kind of filter that needed changing. Any help would be appreciated.
Help, my aircon smells! - ajit
If it smells like a wet sock, could be bacteria - try turning A/c full on with heat on max for 10 min to burn those microbes and then on full cold. Worth investing in one of those car fresheners
Help, my aircon smells! - carlos
buy a can of forte air con de-bug,put it in the car, on the floor & set it off using the button on the top of the can,make sure all the car windows are closed & that the air con is on full blast in the resirculation position,then just wait for the can to finish the job of killing the bugs.
Help, my aircon smells! - carlos
p.s make sure your outside the car when you do this.
Help, my aircon smells! - smokie
There's usually a pollen filter but if this bunged up it would usually would inhibit proper functionality rather than make a smell.
Help, my aircon smells! - Mike200
Where do you get this Forte Air con stuff from? Can you get it from Halfords, or do you have to get it from specialists?
Help, my aircon smells! - David Lacey
Most garages who stock Forte stuff should be able to supply you a can or do it for might be professional use only, though, thinking about it.

Change the pollen filter aswell, these two actions as mentioned above will cure it - if it is the air conditioner causing the smell....
Help, my aircon smells! - BobG
I bought a can of a product called Aircon Fresh from Halfords for about a tenner - I think it was made by Wynns. Yoou spray it into the cabin inlet for the aircon when it is on recirculate and it kills off all the bugs and nasty smells. It's dead easy to use. You should replace the pollen filter at the same time.

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