Toyota build quality - am I unlucky? - SteveH42
Has anyone else had any major problems with their Yaris? Mine seems to have been in the garage every few months since I got it and I'm starting to get a bit fed up, especially when I changed from a 9-year old Tipo to get away from the niggles and get something that wouldn't need attention.

In the 8 months I've had it, it's been in:
To have various trim rattles fixed.
To have a new window seal that had become misformed.
To try and locate a clutch noise when cold which hasn't been resolved as they never tested it when cold.
To find out whey the remote locking didn't like the cold, which again wasn't resolved because they wouldn't test it cold.
To have new CV boots as the old ones had split, and to get a replacement shocker to try and cure a rumble.

And now it's in for 3 days to have the gearbox rebuilt to cure a whine and to have the timing belt cover gasket re-sealed as it had started leaking oil.

Granted most of these are things that didn't affect the actual running of the car, but even still I'd expected more from Toyota. I'm wondering now if I've just been unlucky and got a bad one, although as it was 2.5 years old when I bought it, surely most of the bugs should have been ironed out?

It's currently warranted until next April, and I'm wavering between asking them how much trade-in they'd give me to change to another one now, or waiting and if anything else crops up while in warranty doing that. But if others have had trouble with the Yaris then I may well have to get out and go for something else entirely which is a shame as it's a darned nice little motor.
Toyota build quality - am I unlucky? - Rob the Bus {P}
To be perfectly honest, Steve, I think that you've been darned unlucky.

My ex father-in-law is a Toyota mechanic and he rates the Yaris very highly indeed. The fact that he runs a Picnic and before that a Camry should illustrate the faith he puts in the cars he works on.

I can't give you any advice about trading in etc, but IMHO I think that you'd be extremely unlucky to get another bad 'un.



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Toyota build quality - am I unlucky? - Focus {P}
Our 1.0GS had its 1 year service yesterday (£72), and so far it's been pretty good, although it's only done ~6k. The only things I've noticed are

- The gear whine, not enough to go for a gearbox rebuild yet, but I'm keeping an eye/ear on it (I didn't mention it at the service). It's barely audible, just when coasting I think.

- The rubber seals around the edges of the metalwork on the front window apertures is starting to lift off over a length of a couple of inches. I did mention this at the service, and the dealer said they could replace them, but we agreed that it wasn't worth it yet. So far it only appears to be a cosmetic problem.

I think it's a great little car, and I've been impressed by the dealer (Octagon Reading) as well- when they say they'll ring me back, they do!!

Toyota build quality - am I unlucky? - SteveH42
I think the gear while varies from one to another. Mine is *very* noticable on low throttle in 5th, but goes completely when you lift off completely. I must admit if they'd told me the car would be away for 3 days rather than 1 I'd probably have stuck with it and just turned the radio up though.

The door seals seem to be a problem. They seem to catch and be pulled down by the window and don't go back in properly. I had to have these changed as they'd actually bowed out so water would be getting inside them, and even the new ones are starting to deform. Certainly something I'll be having done again before the warranty runs out I think.

My dealer (Culvers Stockport) are fairly good - no quibbles about doing stuff under warranty, but aren't quite so good at letting you know when it's ready. Once it was in for 3 days because they didn't bother to phone me at about lunch on the first day and tell me it was finished, so I assumed it wasn't ready as they'd said it may take a while... Been fairly OK since though.

When I go in to pick it up I think I might just ask how much trade-in they'd give and look to see what's available anyway...
Toyota build quality - am I unlucky? - Ben79
Aren't Toyota building these in France now?

Who do you think the French are going to put more attention to detail into? Their Pugs, Double Chevrons and Renaults or some Japanese car company that is only building there to get a subsidy?

On my 3rd Citroen. Saxo, Xsara, C5.
Toyota build quality - am I unlucky? - SteveH42
They are now, but mine is built in Japan which makes it even odder than I've had so many problems.
Toyota build quality - am I unlucky? - Aprilia
"Who do you think the French are going to put more attention to detail into? Their Pugs, Double Chevrons and Renaults or some Japanese car company that is only building there to get a subsidy?"

And the British and their Rovers?
Toyota build quality - am I unlucky? - KB.
I think you've had more than your fair share Steve. All of the half dozen Yarii that have passed through my hands have been OK. The only point I have in common with others is the gearbox whine......and a couple did have a whine around 50mph. The present D4D CDX is 8 months old and is fine and has no rattles or whines and does loads to the gallon yet cruises easily at a very relaxed 70mph. Neither of the 2 autos whined at all.

The things that I've commented on before are the small boot (which I still think could have been bigger if the car had been made a few inches longer - it is very short and could afford a little more length), and the boot lid and catch sound very tinny.

It really is a little cracker and I trust it implicitly.
Toyota build quality - am I unlucky? - SteveH42
I think the whine is a design 'fault' that some suffer more than others. It's a factor of the gearbox so the auto won't suffer it as it'll be a different box.

The D4D sounds good, but I couldn't justify the extra for what mileage I do TBH, and the 1l is fine for 99% of the driving I do. Only the odd thing it struggles at and I can live with that.

The boot catch is nice and solid on mine, although you do have to give it a bit of a slam - let it drop and it doesn't latch properly. The lack of boot light is bad, but they've fixed that in the new ones. Shame they didn't give us a temperature gauge and the mucked up the front end. (I don't like the new front as much as the old anyway!)


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