Is clutch going? - peteH
Recently noticed that gears are a bit difficult to engage (Fiat 1.4sx 1998).

When I push the clutch down I get a squeak from the engine. AFAIK the clutch is hydralic. Any idea what it is? Clutch on the way out?? or something else?

Any suggestions?

Is clutch going? - peteH
Been suggested that may be clutch thrust bearings.
Is clutch going? - RichardW
Failing clutch release bearing will squeal when the pedal is pressed down - may just rumble a bit if it's dry. May eventually destroy the clutch pressure plate or release lever if it's really bad.

Difficulty in engaging gears is often a sign of a worn / badly adjusted clutch. No experience of hydraulic clutches so I don't know if you can adjust them.


Is clutch going? - Big John
This is a common fault on Fiats. It is either the release bearing or the clutch release fork. The release forks are very flimsy and distort causing the release bearing to go off centre. This eventually starts machining down the tube covering the gearbox input/first motion shaft. This is part of the gearbox housing and cannot be changed seperately. IE Replace your clutch and release fork NOW before more expensive damage is done.
Is clutch going? - Doc
If the clutch is hydraulically operated, then it is worth checking the slave and master cylinders for leaks before changing the clutch. Also bleed the system of air.

I had an old Metro that was difficult to engage gears.
The fault was a defective slave cyl.
Is clutch going? - David Lacey
I think the Fiat box is cable operated, it might just need a tweak and a linkage needing a spot of oil.

Perhaps get a professional opinion, could save you £££'s!

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