Green Cards - budu
From this morning's Daily Telegraph advice to motorists holidaying abroad: "...don't forget your green card!"

For several years and using two or three diffferent insurers, I have been refused green cards, with the allegation that the insurance certificates, which carried translations in a number of languages, were sufficient. I believe the police in France, at least, will not recognise these. What exactly is the correct practice? Can I insist on a green card? Has any contributor had a problem over this while on the Continent?
Re: Green Cards - Darcy Kitchin
I am insured with Cornhill and have recently returned from a holiday in France.
My broker got me a green card, but only because I was towing a caravan. He said that nowadays a UK insurance certificate is recognised in EU countries for a solo vehicle.

Hope this helps.
Re: Green Cards - nick ireland
Last year my insurer sent me a green card when I asked for one. This year the same insurer has told me just to take my current UK insurance certificate and that will do, they say. Next e mail from prison in France somewhere!
Re: Green Cards - chris watson
i would love to know what prison in france lets you take your computer into the cell, to hook up to the internet.
Figure of speech! - David Lacey

WRT Laptops and cells,

I think you have taken that remark too literally!


David ;-)

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