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Peugeot 306 Turbo Diesel - John Ryder
I have just travelled almost 3,000 miles through France with no problems, but on my return, my Peugeot 306 has developed a problem with starting. It starts up OK but runs very unevenly for about five seconds. The glow plugs have been checked are are fine. There is no water leak, so the head gasket is OK. Anyone any ideas?
Re: Peugeot 306 Turbo Diesel - MMJ
Perhaps the car is homesick for France?

Sorry. Bad joke.
Re: Peugeot 306 Turbo Diesel - Mark (Brazil)
your last fill up of Diesel from an unusual, potentially contaminated, source ?
Checks. - David Woollard

If you searched about the forum we've discussed this before, on one of the Pug/Cit models with this engine.

Briefly in order of likely problem.....

Glow plugs are the No.1 cause so I wonder how they were checked? For the small cost isn't it worth replacing them? They should be OE fittment for best performance. Also check the pre and post start heat times from the glow plug relay.

Has your model the waxstat fast idle/cold start control? I'm sure it will have. If this isn't working it can make the idle too slow in this initial period.

What about fuel supply, air leaks at the filter housing or a blocked filter. However both these should give other running faults.

Injector condition? If these were faulty there should be other running or smoke problems but worth a thought. Try some in-tank cleaner.

Hope this gives some clues,

Glowplugs! - David Lacey
This sounds like duff glowplug(s) causing a 'misfire' during the first 5 secs following a start up.
Rather than just test them and assume they are OK, replace them with a new set as DJW says.
This will usually restore faultless and clean starting.


Re: Glowplugs! - rogerb
Yes, but if you DO replace them,make sure you use NGK or similar, reputable make.
I fitted H**fords in my Peugeot 405 , and the went in a few k's - cost me a lot , 'cos I assured the garage it couldn't be the plugs, so they changed a relay, at a cost of £70+, and, of course, it STILL wouldn't start !!
(The retailer DID refund the cost of the plugs, though!)

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