Smaller car speakers ?? - Pete
I am looking for a pair of speakers to replace the standard ones on my car. In my locality, I can only find speakers about 4" dia.
Does anyone know of physically smaller speakers which will do the same job please? They do not have to be fancy Hi Fi types, just standard but smaller.
Thank you, Pete.
Smaller car speakers ?? - Ben {P}
When you say "speakers", what exactly do you mean? Do you want full range drivers etc??

I buy most of my loudspeaker drivers for the speakers i design and sell from if anyone has anything suitable they should.
Smaller car speakers ?? - Pete
Thanks Ben.
All I seek is a pair of speakers for the bog standard radio/cassette in my car. I just need them to be physically smaller than the normal 4" units.
Rgds, Pete.
Smaller car speakers ?? - Rob C
Halfords, or indeed your local rudeboy ICE shop will sell little midrange speakers smaller than 4".
Smaller car speakers ?? - Altea Ego
What car is it and why do you want to fit smaller ones?
Smaller car speakers ?? - roscopervis
4" speakers are pretty small, I think 3.5" is the smallest midrange driver that I have seen on Do you mean tweeters? These are usually about an inch in diameter.

Smaller car speakers ?? - Pete
Have now found a pair of speakers by Alpine at 9cm dia (three and a half inch). Understand these to be fitted on various Fiats and Saabs as standard.
Can anyone advise of any smaller than 9cm please ?
Thank you,
Smaller car speakers ?? - roscopervis
What car are the speakers going to be fitted and where in the car are they. 3.5" is the smallest I have seen out of a full range driver. Any smaller and it would be a tweeter.
Smaller car speakers ?? - Pete
Thanks to all contributors. Looks like 9cm will have to do.
Rgds. Pete.
Smaller car speakers ?? - Dynamic Dave
So Pete, are you gonna tell us what car they\'re for and why they have to preferably less than 3\" in diameter, or are you gonna keep us guessing?
My guess is a Fiat of some description.
Smaller car speakers ?? - SteveH42
Maplin will do smaller speakers, but you're not going to get much smaller than 4" that (a) sound any good and (b) can handle any sort of power. The other suggestion would be to look at cannibalising some computer speakers, but again, the size isn't likely to be much less than you've already found and they might not be a suitable impedance.


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