Pollen filter - P.Mason {P}
My wife suffers from hay fever, and the handbook for her car(1997 Civic 5 door hatch)doesn't make it clear if the car is fitted with a pollen filter. Are there any Backroomers who can tell me if a filter is installed on this model, and if so, how easy it is to replace it.
Is it a garage job?
Many thanks,
Pollen filter - David Lacey
Have you got air conditoning? If so, then I'd say yes, you have one.....if not, then no - unless it has been fitted as an accessory..

They're usually situated in behind the glovebox (on Hondas, anyway)
Pollen filter - P.Mason {P}
Thanks, David.
Yes the car has A/C, and I had a look at mine(Civic Aerodeck, also with A/C.) if the filter is fitted, it doesn't seem to be very accessible(no sign of it in the engine compartment)so it's probably a dealer job.
Many thanks for your advice.
Pollen filter - David Lacey
If I get time later on I'll look on the Autodata CDROM and see exactly where it is...
Pollen filter - pettaw
I've got a car with a very old A/C ('86 Volvo 360) that I don't think has a pollen filter. Do you think there's any way I can fit one into the system. Where do they normally go?


Pollen filter - Dave N
If you remove the glovebox lid, it\'s just behind there. Slides in like a cassette, between the blower motor and the evaporator. Buy one from Honda though, as Halfords ones are not as good quality as the Honda ones.
Pollen filter - P.Mason {P}
Thanks David and Dave - I removed the glove box today, could see a grey (sponge?)filter behind it but it wasn't clear how it was removed/replaced. I'll get a filter from Honda and attempt refitting on Monday.

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