ford fiesta 1.4si - suzi2662
am looking to buy the above car but it has done 101,000 it is an L reg, how many miles can i expect out of it? it has full srvice history and been well looked after?? any advice would be great.
ford fiesta 1.4si - DavidHM
How many miles can you expect out of it?

Erm.... hard to say. It's not unreasonable to get 150k if it's well looked after, is rust free, the suspension is in good nick and you have a friendly, honest and cheap mechanic.

On the other hand, an abused example (which it doesn't sound like) being serviced at main dealer rates and given unnecessary work isn't so much a car as street furniture.

How much is it up at? Don't give too much for it because these Fiestas are prone to rust (although this one would have the all plastic bumpers at the front and rear - but the arches and doors could still go), the dashboard is a mess, the handling is poor, the engine old and they're not too hot from a safety perspective either. An Si will at least be post the 94 facelift (airbag, better crash protection, slightly uprated suspension) so it's the very best of a fairly bad lot.
high mileage car?? - Armitage Shanks{P}
Hi Suzi, apart from the engine, what about the clutch? How old is the car? Is it 100,000 miles in 5 years or 10?
ford fiesta 1.4si - Doc
Don't rely too much on the "full service history"
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