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Wife's friend has a dilemma. A tile fell from her roof landing on a neighbours Audi, did damage to the roof of the car and continued it's descent making a mess of a door. The neighbour dosen't want to involve the insurance for fear of more expensive premiums etc. She thinks this be an act of God so legally she is not liable but even so the moral aspect is there. Will her house insurance settle the bill...unlikely I think...bit of a kettle of fish.

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Tile fell from neighbour A's roof onto neighbour B's car?

Neighbour A house insurance will pay. Claim direct from them

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Tile fell from neighbour A's roof onto neighbour B's car?

Neighbour A house insurance will pay. Claim direct from them

Indeed, not sure why this is a dilemma unless the person who's roof the tile came from doesn't have house insurance?.

Also not sure why the neighbour, who's car the tile struck, thinks her insurance will go up (assuming I'm reading that right)?. If anything, the homeowners might?.

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In my experience when I had 2 non fault claims my premium rose. The dilemma is if the house insurance dosen't pay should she make some contribution to the car repairs? The assessor is round on Monday to have a look.

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Had a similar experience at the office when a heavy slate fell off the roof of a grade 2 listed stable block at about 45 degrees and smashed directly through the drivers window not damaging any metalwork and landing on the seat

So my colleague phoned the windscreen people and got the window replaced on his 504. Not sure if he ever claimed the office.

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If the insurance goes up, call and negotiate. If they cant/wont reduce the premium, go elsewhere. There's plenty of choice out there.

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It's a matter for the owner of the roof or their home insurance, not for your neighbours car insurance in the first instance. If they notify or claim their premium will probably increase but best to try and resolve without involving.

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I had a non-fault claim in 2017. The other guy’s insurance paid up in full - it was only a scrape in a car park - and it cost my insurers precisely nothing. Nevertheless when renewal time came around and I informed my insurers, my premium was increased on that account. By some perverse logic, if a careless driver scrapes your car causing damage, you are a more accident prone driver. Sorry - would you run that by me again please.

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Land Rover ran into our house. The car was written off. House repairs paid for by his car insurance.(Approx £3k)

Informed House insurance company - they raised premiums. I changed insurers.

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The insurers' database/algorithm/robot thing is truly evil. Strange that no information has ever been forthcoming about how all these mysterious calculations are made to ascertain that driver "X" is more accident-prone than driver "Y" in situation "Z".
Has anyone had experience of an asteroid crashing to Earth, writing off a locked, alarmed, garaged car in the process? It wouldn't surprise me to find an insurance hike afterwards. Having said that, a friend of mine and a friend of his from school were once in their road having high jinks with a surplus Dalek that the friend had won in a BBC competition, when a neighbour came round the corner and swerved to take evasive action and crashed into a lamppost. Cries of "RECALCULATE! RECALCULATE!" from the insurance assessor duly followed...

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I suppose it all depends upon how much (value-wise) damage has been done to the car. A neighbour from the next-door flat block was moving out and let a broom fall down as he was loading it into his hired van, which hit and broke my car's rear fog light, so he kindly left me a not with his contact details and even phoned my dealer and offered to stump up the repair - about £150.

I suspect if it had damaged both light clusters (fog light plus main RH indicator/brake light cluster) the price would've been too high for his pocket and may well have gone through some insurance policy. I'm glad it wasn't as I was back up and running within a week or so, including costs paid back. Quite fortunate for once.

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Car roof damage can very expensive to fix, especially if the roof lining has to be removed.

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House insurance usually includes public liability. The houseowners' insurance will pay out, negligence won't come into it unless the roof was very obviously unsafe and neglected. Even then they would pay out and then recover from the householder.


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