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We have had the Seat Mii for a couple of weeks now, and yes we are impressed, it delivers the range it states, it’s smooth, comfortable and well equipped. But, the dealer and Seat really used the Connect App as a selling point, but the features like remotely controlling the charge of your vehicle and setting the heating are not available in the UK yet. This is poor, as it means having to go out at midnight to get the best rate for your charging and not enjoying the features it claims to have. The problem is that the SIM card in the UK versions are not online with no ETA from the manufacturer.

This is poor, it’s like selling a car with air con only to then say you may have it working some time in the future and then to add insult, I was contacted by them to buy a service plan which I tried to purchase this morning on the link they provided, only to find that it’s not available to electric cars.

Seat need to get a grip on this, electric vehicles are expensive so not having a good knowledge of products and selling cars without their full functionality is something that should be reported. Knowing what I know now I may have decided to purchase a rival vehicle.

Anyone else with the same problem?


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It used to be quite common for buyers of a new model to find they were beta testers.

After a couple of years the manufacturer would release a mark2 version which had had the initial bugs fixed.

Ford were notorious for this at one time, mark IV Zephyrs were released with wheel sizes which were increased after a year or so to improve dubious handling.

The first Hillman Imps had pneumatic throttles, too small clutches and excessive front wheel camber, all changed on the mark 2.

Many other instances, this is why some recommend not being an early buyer of a brand new model. Some manufacturers recognise issues and are helpful to disappointed customers, VAG group are not renowned for this, but you may get some response if you escalate your complaint

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If this feature influenced the purchase and sales staff promoted it to assist in making a decision the vehicle may have possibly been missold.

Down to the OP if they wish to take it further, but as its less than 30 days rejection may be an option if misrepresentation can be demonstrated.

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Ditto, PW!

We can't get our new Mii electric to charge to a schedule and were beginning to feel like idiots. We found the Connect app useless but got to grips with the vehicle settings via the Drive Mii app and thought we'd cracked it. The car, however, ignored any attempt to schedule charging.

I've asked the SEAT dealer to positively confirm whether or not these features are available in the UK before we escalate a complaint. He did try to pass any blame on to SEAT UK as they publish sales guidance. Either way, our local dealer lacks clearly first-hand knowledge. They don't even have a charge-point installed so aren't likely to have tried these features for themselves.

This is unlikely to be a deal-breaker for us as we have solar panels and will hopefully do most of our charging when the sun's out. However, this problem does stick in the craw and should hurt the SEAT brand. In 2020, this should not be a tricky or complex issue to get right.

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Just had a Mii electric for a couple of weeks, and overall quite pleased with it, but I too am disappointed that the connect app is not yet ready for this car as stated (as I found here: www.seat.co.uk/owners/your-seat/seat-connect.html ).

Also I struggled to get the Drive Mii app to charge at certain times, but I *think* i've got there now. While in the car, wirth the app connected (needs "ignitioin" on), you should first set a "charging location" with the capacity of your charger, the temperature you want the car at, and the maximum charge (80% is recommended if you don't need the full range). Then set a "departure time", setting the time at which you wish to leave and the charging location you have set up. Then switch the charging to "scheduled" by pushing the charging button just in front of the gear selector. Then activate the departure time in the app by setting the check box in the list of departure times. Then leave the car, and plug the charger in. The light next to the charging point should flash green briefly for a short while, indicating that it is on scheduled charging. If it comes on continuously green and fades in an out, it is charging so it may not have worked, or it thinks it needs to charge now (because the departure time is soon or the charge level is below 30%). On scheduled charging it should start to charge at a time which will bring the charge level to the capacity you have set in the charging location at your departure time, and turn the heating or A/C on 30 minutes (?) before that. I think I have the above correct (doing it from memory), the order may not be quite right.

So I've driven away (silently) in a nice warm car on these cold winter mornings.But frustrating that I have to set it all up IN the car, and can't do it on an "ad-hoc" basis e.g. if I know I'm leaving in an hour, just charge and warm/cool now.

Let's hope they get the UK e-sim issue sorted soon.

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Hey Rick, couple of Q's just got mine, so drive mii app all running thumbs up! (Was showing 48miles range when doing this)

However where are you finding the set home charger location ? Also set departure time? I've only got in the battery manager settings charging power and climate temp .

Have you managed to get seat connect app running? As that's not llinking still.

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Got mine on Tuesday and got same issue and had 3 or different reports saying I need code off dealer to authorise it Seat say its not avaliable yet and the dealer said just download app it should work!

I will and can you post if you hear anything?


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