Tax Disk - Please help - BMDUBYA
Back in March, I bought a second hand car which is taxed until the end of June, filled in and sent off the V5, new V5 promptly recieved with all the correct details. Now we are approching the end of June, I havent had a tax disc reminder. Has the system changed? Have they stopped sending out reminders? I have never had this problem in the past, in fact I always thought they sent them out quite a bit before the tax was due? Can I still get a tax disc without the reminder form?
Tax Disk - Please help - NorthernKev {P}
As far as I know, no they have not.
Mine came about a week before the end of the month.
Sit tight and give it another month, I felt like you do, that it's all been messed up, I can't drive it, I'll lose my job and so on! :-D

I believe you can take the slip they send you back to get a tax disk also though.

Tax Disk - Please help - HF
I also haven't received a reminder yet, and my tax is due at the end of June too. But, if you have no reminder form, there is a form you can obtain from the post office which you can fill in instead - I've done this before when I misplaced the reminder.
Tax Disk - Please help - DavidHM
As long as you have the V5, you'll be absolutely fine. Just don't forget to show up with your MoT and insurance certificates as well.
Tax Disk - Please help - Technoprat {P}
You don't need the reminder. Just fill in the form you can get at any main post office. The fuzz now publicise the fact that not having had a reminder is no excuse for not having the tax disk.

Tax Disk - Please help - TrevP
The new rules are that you need the V5 OR the reminder.
Tax Disk - Please help - BMDUBYA
Thanks to all for your comments and advice.
Tax Disk - Please help - Dwight Van Driver

Go to:

and get it from the horses mouth.

Click on No 2 Right hand side: How to License a vehicle.

Tax Disk - Please help - Doc
You don't need the reminder. Just fill in the form you
can get at any main post office.

The form you need is a V10
Tax Disk - Please help - volvoman
In early April I enquired about the reminder for my car tax which was due for renewal at the end of the month. The DVLA told me the reminders are now not sent out until around 2 weeks before the due date. I'd guess you and HF will find the reminders dropping through your letter boxes in the next day or two.
Tax Disk - Please help - Ian Cook
Sounds like the usual DVLA constipation. I sold my van in March (taxed to the end of May) and sent off the V5 with the new owner's details.

They sent the tax reminder to me, not to the new owner. Incidently, I have no proof that I sent off the V5, nor do I have a record of the name and address of the new keeper - why would I have? I wonder what would happen if the V5 had got lost in the post.

Ian Cook

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