The Vauxhall vs Citroen Vs Peugeot conundrum - daveyK_UK
As many forum contributors will know, a few years ago the PSA group purchased Opel & Vauxhall from General Motors.

While most of the models that have been released since the take over have differentiated significantly enough to stand alone since the take over (for example the corsa differs enough from the 208 to be distinctive), that cannot be said for the Berlingo MPV / Rifter MPV and Combo MPV which are near identical unless you go for the top trim level,.

So second question of the week - on behalf of a colleague

He wants a brand new, base spec 5 seater 1.5 diesel MPV Berlingo/Rifter/Combo Life and plans to keep it from cradle to grave (he had a 51 plate Berlingo that’s just given up the ghost after 19 years and 289k of service).

Of all 3 models, the base specs are near identical (although to confuse matters Peugeot seem to have pulled the base spec Active trim in the UK but there is a handful left in dealer stock).

The Vauxhall is the cheapest from a broker, the Citroen £380 more and the Peugeot some £1300 more direct from a dealer (in metallic, no solid colour left) than the Vauxhall.

After all that, the question is - why go for the Citroen or Peugeot?
Will a Citroen or Peugeot badge hold their value better?
Will he have problems touring in Europe getting support and parts if it’s badged a Vauxhall despite being mechanically identical?
Once the warranty has expired will his local Peugeot dealer (around the corner from his house) be able to service it for him? Can they service it for him in the first 3 years and keep the warranty going as the car is identical to the Peugeot Rifter MPV? (The Vauxhall dealer is 7 miles from his home, the Peugeot dealer is 0.3 miles!).

Thank you for any help
The Vauxhall vs Citroen Vs Peugeot conundrum - SLO76
Call round Peugeot dealers, starting with his local and ask them to match or get close to that online quote from Vauxhall, one might just be desperate enough to hit a monthly target to do it and then the problem is solved.
The Vauxhall vs Citroen Vs Peugeot conundrum - badbusdriver

In answer to the question and the specifics of the potential buyer, obviously go for the Vauxhall, I mean why wouldn’t you?. This is not a vehicle bought by the image conscious, it’s bought by folk looking for practicality above all else. And personally, I’d guess that those same people put value for money above whatever badge is on the front.

As to the other questions, how well the Vauxhall holds its value compared to the other two is utterly irrelevant if he plans to keep the car as long as you say. Getting parts in Europe, no idea why you think that may be a problem?. As we know, they are the same car, so any Citroen, Peugeot (or Opel) dealer will be able to get parts for it. Once the warranty has expired, yes, of course he can take it to his local Peugeot dealer, just like you could any other car. Presumably this Peugeot dealer sells other makes than Peugeot (second hand), and most people who buy one will expect to be able to have it maintained where they bought it. As for servicing it within the warranty period, certainly on paper, you should have no problems having it serviced at the Peugeot dealer, as long as they are using Vauxhall parts. Though as we have learned in various threads, in practice, it may not be so straightforward. Having said that, having to travel 7 miles to the Vauxhall dealer for servicing is hardly going to be the end of the world.

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The Vauxhall vs Citroen Vs Peugeot conundrum - Smileyman

The other questions that could be asked include

Will one be cheaper / dearer to insure?

What is the maintenance schedule for each, for example does one need more visits to garage than another?

What is the cost of maintenance? for instance is there any point using the local Peugeot dealer if they are dearer than the further away Vauxhall dealer. (or vice versa)

Are loan vehicles available (if you want such)?

And the killer question, what do you think of the dealerships, are you comfortable with the prospect of being a customer there?

The Vauxhall vs Citroen Vs Peugeot conundrum - alan1302

We bought the Vauxhall version simply because it was cheaper than the other two.

The Rifter does have a different steering wheel/speedo setup from the other two which someone may or may not like.

A very good car - would go for the 130bhp diesel for the extra power.

The Vauxhall vs Citroen Vs Peugeot conundrum - badbusdriver

I had been thinking about the the Peugeot's "i cockpit". Some folk like it, others hate it!. This could well be a make or break factor, regardless of the extra cost over the Vauxhall.

Personally, I'd take the Combo Life all day long (for the reasons already mentioned), wouldn't give it a second thought.

The Vauxhall vs Citroen Vs Peugeot conundrum - gordonbennet

That initial saving is not to be sniffed at, more than covers the extra miles required for its probably 3 at most required services during warranty period.

I suspect the buyer either is a good home mechanic or has a good indy who will take regular maintenance on once warranty is expired, long term ownership means make influence on resale is irrelevant, so long as the VX version pleases i'd be going there.

The Vauxhall vs Citroen Vs Peugeot conundrum - Sofa Spud

As an aside, PSA Group is now merging with Fiat-Chrysler to form a new parent company called Stellantis, which will be based in the Netherlands.

The Vauxhall vs Citroen Vs Peugeot conundrum - daveyjp

We had similar discussions when we bought an Aygo. Toyota v Pug v Citroen.

Toyota came through as it was the cheapest for the spec we wanted. Unless there are significant spec differences go on price.

You may want to check service prices as we found out subsequently that Toyota servicing for the Aygo was much cheaper than Pug and Citroen charged for the same vehicle.

The Vauxhall vs Citroen Vs Peugeot conundrum - daveyK_UK
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