MK4 Golf - Power steering leak puddle under car! - Roy Brown

Hi, I am doing a lot of miles with work atm and bought a mk4 golf last week for my 'work car'. I have not been driving the car yet as I am waiting until the start of next month for insurance/tax etc

Yesterday I moved it into my garage and noticed when I took it out again there was a patch of fluid on the floor. Today I noticed a lot more fluid on my drive and checked the reservoir which was practically empty! I then checked all power steering lines but they appear to have no leaks. I have checked both steering boots, the drivers side appears to be quite dry but the passenger side, when lifted up some fluid leaked out?

Will some sort of stop leak work as the problem would only seem to have happened over the last day or 2 with the car sitting? (There was no fluid on my drive last week, and the car hasnt been anywhere)


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