C3 HDi or Yaris 4-D4 - Brooklands
I'm about to change my car (Currently a 306 XRDt). The choice is between a Citroen C3 1.4 HDi and a Toyota Yaris 4-D4. As I'm currently doing about 25K miles per year I intend to keep it for as long as possible (at least four years) rather than sell it in a couple of years with a lot of miles and high depreciation.

I like the C3, and I've found a good deal on one, but am concered about its long term reliability etc.

I'd appreciate any comments you may have on the choice

C3 HDi or Yaris 4-D4 - mlj
There is a one word answer to this and it does not begin with a C.
Build,reliability,seats,dealership experience and back-up.
I've read reports in two separate magazines about lack of support, especially in long journeys, from the French seats.
Others of course, may disagree.......
C3 HDi or Yaris 4-D4 - NorthernKev {P}
C3 would be great if you could change it every year or two. If you intend to keep it, then buy the Toyota, or find out if your Citroen garage has nice people...

C3 HDi or Yaris 4-D4 - clariman
Get the Toyota, no contest.
C3 HDi or Yaris 4-D4 - DavidHM
It's horses for courses here, and if you were keeping it for three years and 75k, I'd suggest the 16v HDi C3 for its better performance.

As you want a keeper, build quality is likely to be even more important and over 8 years and 200k, the Toyota has the edge.
C3 HDi or Yaris 4-D4 - Alf
same position as you a couple of months back. Both are excellent cars. Went for the C3 16v hdi SX 92bhp in the end.
Excellent deal (£8,995 OTR in black) and great spec. With the Yaris just about everything was an extra and the dealer would only knock off £300!

The 1.4 HDi 16v combines economy without compromising on performance- 92 bhp and 65-70 mpg. It is recognised as being the most efficient engine in its class. It has a turbo and intercooler and discs all round.

The C3 is far more practical than the Yaris with an excellent deep boot and does not suffer from the quirky Japanese styling.

If you want a car to last forever, buy Japanese, If you want a car that is fun to drive and delivers performamnce with economy and practicality, buy the C3. Done 2,500 miles on mine and still just go for a spin now and then just for the hell of it! Sad or what?



PS the C3 has just won the accolade of best imported car in.............wait for it, Japan!!
C3 HDi or Yaris 4-D4 - andymc {P}
What about the Mazda 2? Same diesel engine as both the C3 and the Fiesta (and the best thing about both those cars, I think), but Mazda build and reliability for the rest of the car.
C3 HDi or Yaris 4-D4 - DavidHM
Hmm... isn't the Mazda2 built by Ford in Spain? The quality is absolutely fine, it's practical and stylish - at least it's stylish compared to the Fusion on which it's based - but as a long term safe bet, it'd be the Yaris for me.

As ever, www.ukcarbroker.co.uk/for some good discounted prices on the C3 and the Yaris.
C3 HDi or Yaris 4-D4 - 007

I am very interested in this particular discussion.

Would readers please say, preferably from experience, where the VW Polo comes when compared with the above vehicles.
C3 HDi or Yaris 4-D4 - mlj
Why buy a Polo when you can buy a Fabia?
C3 HDi or Yaris 4-D4 - andymc {P}
Well, although the Fabia is cheaper than the equivalent Polo, spec levels on the Fabia tend to be a bit miserly - no side airbags even as an option, etc. Apparently the Fabia still drives better though - I can say it certainly drives beautifully, having been very impressed by the 100 bhp TDi. Plenty of room everywhere - much better than a Yaris in that respect - and very very comfortable. If only kit was a bit more generous, and it lived up to the concept of being a so-called budget brand - the Fabia is not really that cheap.
New Seat Ibiza? Loadsa kit, well-built, very stylish, a little more room than a Yaris but less than a C3, fantastic 100 bhp diesel engine. Better quality interior than the Yaris or C3 as well, IMHO. Possibly slightly pricier though.

C3 HDi or Yaris 4-D4 - bernie
If you do go for the Yaris,make sure that it has its full compliment of sound deadening pads on the doors.I looked at one in our local showroom and could not believe how tinny the door sounded when closed.The salesman already knew about it and agreed about the flimsy sound.

Also as has been stated,if you want a decent spec,the price gets quite steep for a small car.

Having tried the C3 HDI 16v,I must say I prefered driving the Citroen,amazingly nippy and economical, although I was a bit dissapointed with the quality of the interior plastics.

Good prices on the C3 so yer pays yer money and takes yer choice.


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