Fiesta clutch adjustment - MGspannerman
I have just bought my daugher a 92J 1100cc Fiesta. Very nice all round, only 46k (MOTs and history to prove) and a years MOT. Slight problem is that the clutch has to very fully depressed to disengage and can be a bit crunchy on first. I have checked for cable adjustment at the gearbox end and by grovelling in the footwell but no sign. I am considering bodging up a plastic spacer to take up a little slack in the cable. I suspect the cable has stretched and maybe the release plate is weak as well. I know I should have bought an MG Midget instead, but there is only so much time you can spend welding. Any advise very gratefully received.

Many thanks MGs
Fiesta clutch adjustment - james_60

i own a 89 Fiesta 1 litre (mk3)

there is nothing wrong with first, as all fiestas of this genre (mk3) have that problem its just the when 1st is engaged the gearbox hasnt stopped completely to let it into gear quick enough

J Stephenson

p.s the peddle adjustmant is automatic it adjusts as the clutch wears there is no manual adjustment on this car
Fiesta clutch adjustment - Blue {P}
It should still disengage smoothly though, my old one had never had a gearbox oil change in it's life and clocked up 80,000 miles but the box still disengaged smoothly, except my clutch was the other way, really high biting point when I bought the car, it expired soon after (the clutch that is).

Fiesta clutch adjustment - Railroad
I expect the clutch pressure plate has become distorted (something which happens on all cars eventually), especially if the pedal feels stiff. It may be time for a new clutch. Change the cable at the same time.

If you change the clutch and cable you won't know it's the same car.
Fiesta clutch adjustment - MGspannerman
Thank you all for your comments. "self adjusting" means to me the same as "sealed for life", I rather think that railroad is right and after 12 years it is maybe time to bite the bullet and do it. I shall try my bodge to shorten the cable and if that doesnt work then do the job and sort the problem once and for all.

Thanks again, MGs
Fiesta clutch adjustment - Hairyharry

Sounds as though automatic adjuster - at the pivot end of clutch pedal - is at fault, check this out before doing anything else.
Fiesta clutch adjustment - MGspannerman
Thanks HH, I will certainly do that. I have an hour or two tomorrow so hope to sort it out then.

thank you MGs
Fiesta clutch adjustment - none
Fitting a spacer is a quick fix for a worn adjuster. BUT the worn adjuster will still reset the cable to it's present clearance. Make sure that the spacer is at least 3/4 of an inch thick. This allows new pawl teeth to engage on the ratchet. It usually works for a while.
Fiesta clutch adjustment - none
Sorry, a thick spacer pulls the ratchet round to new teeth, the worn pawl teeth are unadjustable.

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