Here it is... - Blue {P}
Well, I've finally got some pics taken, and for those who are still even the slightest bit interested, here is the new baby in all of her glory. :-)

The pics are quite high res so if you're using dial up they may take a while to download, but the pics should shrink to fit the Internet Explorer window once fully downloaded.

Also, I hadn't gotten around to mentioning, I have had my first accident in the new car on monday. I was rear ended (no smutty comments please :) at the same roundabout as last time, fortunately it's only put a little scuff in the bumper. That's very lucky 'cos I strongly suspect that the guy who hit me lied about his address, and I don't think he had insurance! :O

Here it is... - HF
Really sorry to hear about your new accident, Blue, but glad that there's little damage. Still, must have given you a bit of a shock to say the least.

Are you going to try and follow up this guy to claim, or is the damage too small for you to need to do that?

Car looks lovely in the pics by the way, I can see why you're proud of it :)

Here it is... - Dwight Van Driver
Tsssth Blue.

Pix 1 is that a scratch on the passenger door just above the side bumper line?

Learn you not to park in the Web as you will never know who touches you......

Here it is... - Blue {P}
Pix 1 is that a scratch on the passenger door just
above the side bumper line?

Good god no, it's just a badly shaped and positioned reflection, I must admit, I thought it was scratched when I saw the picture! :)

I don't mind the Jennings sticker too much, at least the colour matches the car, and it helps avoid the usual questions when I go to the dealers with a sticker free car about where it was bought...

The damage to the car was so small that I wouldn't want to bother chasing, and even if I did, I don't think the guy gave me a correct address, 'cos I know that I've driven past his supposed address many times recently and never seen his car parked outside. Which may explain why he had to have a think about where he actually lived. As this means the guy is likely without insurance, I really wouldn't think it was worth shelling out the £500 excess and losing my NCB. Even if the car is damaged I will simply repair it myself on the quiet. :)
Here it is... - Dynamic Dave
As you probably know Blue, I'm not a Ford lover, but I must admit to liking the colour of your car. My only crititism is to lose that crummy dealers sticker out of the back window. [1] I do hate dealers that put stickers and logo's all over the place and use their buyers as free advertising billboards. Mind you saying that, my Vectra has the dealers name at the bottom of the number plate. Grrrrr.

[1] Watch you don't damage any of the heated rear window elements in the process though.

Enjoy ;o)
Here it is... - bafta
As you may know, DD, that cannot be avoided. The provider of the plate has to have their name on it by law. Its supposed to be part of the government's campaign to eradicate 'dodgy' number plates. Some hopes. The real villains don't buy their false plates from the local dealer.
Firms like Halfords are now very touchy about spacing, etc. It is illegal not to use the prescribed format and they were recently prosecuted, incurring a large fine.
Here it is... - CM

I was once rear ended by a Fiesta with attached drivers lights. The drivers lights were bent back and the glass smashed scratching the bumper. When I came to PX the car the garage took off about £150.

And there I was thinking it was a small scratch and not even bothering about the other drivers details.
Here it is... - HF
CM - BO is NOT a good abbreviation to use, is it?!!!!!! And M and D, apologies, I am aware I am getting nearer and nearer to being moderated now. I will now calm down.
Here it is... - Blue {P}
He he, as you've probably guessed that's not the first time I have heard that abbreviation, but I'm sure it was meant innocently! :)

Think I'll change my name to Blue...

Here it is... - HF
Blue is good - BO is not. ;) On that note I might or might not retire for the eveining.
Here it is... - CM
OK Blue it shall be but think that BO is more distinctive!
Here it is... - Blue {P}
Ah don't worry, the dealers will never notice this (certainly not the ones that I traded the last one into anyway:) It is on an edge and it will also polish off as when I scratched it with my finger nail the black bits came off revealing undamaged paintwork underneath. It took me a minute of scrutinising the bumper to notice it in the first place.

Besides, I know a good place to get minor damage repaired if there was any, either way, if you've been hit by an un-insured driver who lies to you about his address, and you can't afford an insurance claim, there's not a lot that you can do! :-(

What goes around comes around, as they say. If there turns out to be any form of proper damage, he'll be rewarded sooner or later for hurting my baby. I'm a believer in that :-)


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