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I have mentioned it here before. My lease Hyundai Tucson went back to the lease co in February and I didn't replace it.

In a way that was good fortune with 5 months rental premiums saved and no insurance costs! (Though Mrs Z got me to pay for her MOT, service, tax and insurance on her Nissan Note instead!)

Work have said we will be travelling to clients again in August so I really need to get down to ordering a new motor.

Mileage wise 20k per annum, 15k business and 5k private.

One trip up to the north a month from the south coast and one to the midlands. Several trips round the M25.

The car must be new or nearly new with the majority of the warranty intact. As I am buying the car, the longer the warranty the better.

There are some silly prices on new Renault Kadjars at the moment with a mid spec model at £16k - about the same price as a similarly specified Ford Fiesta, think between Zetec and Titanium trim and if I want to add an auto box its another £1500 so under £18k - still about the same price as the Fiesta plus a 5 year warranty. The engine is petrol 1.3.

The other option is a 1.5 SE VW Tiguan at £21k but no auto options at they take the price to about £26k and the overall spec isn't as good. It has a 3 year warranty.

I really think the Renault is a good buy. Please tell me why I should be wary!?

Renault Kadjar or VW Tiguan - Biting The Bullet - I need a New New Car - _ORB_

Carwow are offering

New Renault Kadjar Deals & Offers | save up to £6,371 | carwow" target="_blank">

Getting the 5 year warranty is worth it, if you find the spec for you.

I looked at some of the Seat offerings and compared to the sportage the insides were even duller and less equipped.

The other thing was that the spec I wanted was not available but the next spec up was, at a higher price, naturally.

Spec for spec, personally i'd go for the Kadjar against the Tiggy, but It's your money.

Apparently the 1.3 engine is better, but what about that dct autobox on the Renault?

Having said that, I have no personal experience of either apart from being ignored in our local renault dealership.

Renault Kadjar or VW Tiguan - Biting The Bullet - I need a New New Car - Avant

For £16k that'll surely be the lower-powered 1.3. As you're going to do 20,000 miles a year in it, it needs to be a car you'll enjoy driving. The VAG 1.5 would undoubtedly have more oomph than the Renault 1.3, but you'd need to buy an extra 2 years' warranty, particularly if you go for the DSG. You're on the borderline in terms of mileage so don't dismiss diesels unless you don't like them anyway.

If you can get a Tiguan for that price, see what Carwow and the like can do on the Skoda Karoq and SEAT Ateca. The VW T-Roc should also be cheaper than the Tiguan or is that too small for you?

Or a Hyundai Kona or Kia Niro?

Renault Kadjar or VW Tiguan - Biting The Bullet - I need a New New Car - Zippy123


Undoubtedly diesel would seem to be the logical choice but the extra tech they require worries me. I had trouble with my Tucson doing 20k a year on a diesel auto box with the ERG valve sticking, a butterfly type valve on the air intake gunking up and potentially fuel in the engine oil.

140bhp vs 160bhp Renault engine

I will compare the prices. Good point.

Seat and Skoda

VW keeps the good looking cars to themselves.


Just not enough deals / discount at the mo, it's more expensive than the Renault for a 1l engine and much lower spec.


Was on the list until you see in side it. Lots and lots of hard plastic.


No nearby dealers

Renault Kadjar or VW Tiguan - Biting The Bullet - I need a New New Car - 72 dudes

At the prices you mention, it would have to be the Kadjar.

I would say that the Tiguan is the better car, but with the price gap, the Renault has got to be worth considering.

The 140 bhp engine will haul it around fine, it's a turbo with plenty of torque.

And don't forget the kangarooing issue that many of the VAG 1.5 engines suffered from.

Test drive both for a decent amount of time and decide.

Agree about Hyundai Kona, horrible inside, especially on the doors, and the ride is hard and jiggly. Had one on hire in Northern Ireland last year for 4 days, the fuel economy from the 1.0 litre turbo was woeful, 36.5 mpg overall. I'm an Advanced Driver so pretty sure it wasn't me!

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Renault Kadjar or VW Tiguan - Biting The Bullet - I need a New New Car - SLO76
The Renault and it’s twin the Nissan Qashqai do not have a good reputation unfortunately. They suffer plenty of electrical, mechanical and trim issues. Most owners will have plenty of negativity to tell but the car itself is nice to drive and comfy to sit in and it makes far more sense than a hugely overpriced new Fiesta at similar money. I’d buy only if there’s a nearby Renault dealer and you’re willing to fund the full main dealer service history necessary to keep the warranty valid and I’d offload before the warranty is up.

Personally I’d rather spend more on a nice petrol Mazda CX-3 or CX-5 both of which will be fun to drive and utterly reliable.
Renault Kadjar or VW Tiguan - Biting The Bullet - I need a New New Car - badbusdriver

Given the Tiguan and Kadjar are about the same size, i'm surprised at the mention of the Hyundai Kona, which is a much smaller car (more than a foot shorter)

Surely if a car the size of the Kona would suffice, you should be looking at its direct rivals from VW (T-Cross) and Renault (Captur)?


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