peugeot 306 alarm problems. - pugchris
306 DTurbo 95N that has a problem setting the alarm and deadlocking the doors. This is normally achieved by using the second button on the remote which lights up ( IR style ).

The RCL (first button on remote works fine) and I know the alarm works as I was checking the fuses and off it went. The drivers door was replaced when some wassock drove into it but the repair is out of warranty. This has resulted in me not being able to deadlock doors manually as key won\'t fit.

I have checked the wires in the wiring loom of the doors and they are all intact.I know it could be cl unit but then why does the RCL work. Please advise on what to investigate.
peugeot 306 alarm problems. - David Lacey
Have you checked the wires near the door hinge? They break there for a past-time. We fitted a repair loom yesterday to a 1998 40,000 mile 306........
peugeot 306 alarm problems. - IanT
A number of things you can check to narrow down the problem ...

1. Are you sure the alarm is (or is not) being set when you press the second button? For instance, leave a back window open, set the alarm, and try to break in through the back door (lean through the window and lift the latch). The fact the alarm sounded when it wasn't set doesn't prove it is working normally.

1a. Or if you've got interior air movement detectors, set the alarm while you're sitting in the car and jump up and down to set it off. There are probably lots of other ways to set it off.

2. Can you deadlock the doors by using the key in the passenger door? If deadlocking is working you won't be able to lift the latch as described in Q1.

3. If you've got two keys, does the second key fail similarly? If you've only got one key, it could be the key's circuit board which is faulty.



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