Peugeot 205 - Roy McMillan
Does anyone know if Peugeot ever produced a cabriolet version of the 205 with an automatic gearbox, either for their home market or - and more interestingly - for the UK market. I would love to find one!
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my mam used to have a car called a pug 205 cj cabriolet, which was an automatic, strangly alot are advertised in the north east of england, try going to
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Hallo Thunder Skin,

Many thanks your advice. Have never seen a 205 advert for a Pug!
Please let me know if you come across any more.

Re: Peugeot 205 - chris watson AKA thunder skin
the name pug is a nickname for peugoet
Peugeot 205 auto convertible. - D J Woollard

I think you are right that there was never an auto cabriolet in the UK. The 205 auto was only fitted to the 1.6 engine hatchback as far as I'm aware, not to the smaller engines or the diesels.

There would be no reason why a crafty mechanic couldn't drop the power train from a 1.6 auto hatchback into a convertible though.

The 205 CJ cabriolet matey refers to was a 1.4carb 5-speed manual introduced around 1988 and sold to at least 1994 with injection/cat in later years.

Perhaps his mum was the test driver for the factory one off pre-production special I read about that never made it onto the UK market.

Then again perhaps it's me that's dreaming.

Re: Peugeot 205 auto convertible. - Roy McMillan


Thanks for your input.

I might just try finding an auto gearbox, and a cabriolet, and then marry-up the two.


Re: Peugeot 205 auto convertible. - chris watson
my mum bought the car brand new from a main dealer. we must be the only region to them as i have seen afew going around newcastle upon tyne.
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Many thanks for your follow-up on this.

Two further questions:

1. Does your Mum know the dealer name, and if so do they still exist as a "Pug" dealer, and have you any clue what the phone number is?

2. I have looked in Autotrader online, but nothing doing. Have you any ideas as to where I would look, e.g. online or a newspaper for that sort/age of car being advertised in the Newcastle area. I am afraid that I live in Henley-on-Thames, and am totally non-conversant with the North-East.

If you do happen to come across one for sale, I would be most interested.


Re: Peugeot 205 auto convertible. - Mark (Brazil)
did you look on the Autotrader site since it covers the whole country.

From memory the URL is If I'm wrong it is detailed on this site.

The search is easier if you register which is a bit of a pain, but its free.
Re: Peugeot 205 auto convertible. - Andrew Tarr
As far as I know, the 205 cabriolet came with a 1360 engine (badged CJ) and rather basic kit, or the better known CTi which had the 1580 injection until cat. converters (1992) when it had a detuned 1905 for its last year or so. There were a couple of 'special editions' (the Roland Garros) in metallic green with white roof and white half-leather, but I don't think any were auto. There was also a Gentry auto in that colour, but I don't think any were cabrios. You will need to do a cannibalisation job. I think only a few thousand 205 cabrios were sold in UK.
Re: Peugeot 205 auto convertible. - Roy McMillan

Hallo Andrew,

Many thanks for your input. I am learning more and more about the 205 as I go downstream - a bit late in life!

Re: Peugeot 205 auto convertible. - Andrew Tarr
Roy - if I can add a bit to my earlier 'input' (my family has owned a total of 11 205s, 2 of them cabrios, but none auto): I think Dave W has the only feasible solution in suggesting putting an auto engine/box into a cabrio shell. You will have to choose between the CJ and CTi, but there is one point in your favour - auto 205s were made right up to the end (about 95N) because there was no replacement 106/306 auto available. Most CJs were white with blue denim seats and GR trim. CTis were mostly white/scarlet/black, trimmed as the GTi with black/red seats and alloy wheels etc. Either one is (to me) slightly odd with an auto-box, but whatever turns you on!

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