espace autobox oil - steve&eve
Hello all, I have a 1994 espace with a 4 speed auto. I do the servicing on the car without problems these days, Apart from the Autobox oil change, or anything to do with the autobox.
I cannot find any info in the two different manuals I says give this to Renault.
Unless they have some Robot to do this it cannot be rocket-science. From what I have been able to goes something like ...engine running/in neutral....let the oil dribble-out of an inspection hole at a certain rate. Anyone have the real info on this. Also any pointer to a real workshop manual for the greabox. thanks
espace autobox oil - Aprilia
Autobox takes 4 litre of Dexron IIE (or III) ATF. Diff. is separate and needs a 75W-140 GL-5 gear oil (probably from Renault dealer).
I think oil pan is removed to drain the ATF (need a new gasket). Then fill through charging tube.
Oil level is checked with a hot engine, having driven a few miles. Move selector through all positions and leave engine running in "Park" whilst you check the level.
Can't help on a manual for this gearbox - I know most A/T rebuilders hate Renault autoboxes, so look after it!
espace autobox oil - stator
Its like filling a bath up through the plug hole untill it runs out of the overflow !

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