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Ford Fiesta - Fiesta 2008 TDCi Powertrain malfunction dash light - Delta_Tango

Hi all,

My car's engine has been hiccuping/jerking for quite a while with very feint white smoke coming out the front of the engine. It's a 2008 1.4 diesel Ford Fiesta and has done just over 60k miles.

Had the fuel filter replaced and a full service done in December, was running but still hiccuping and jerking.

The powertrain malfunction dashboard light started flashing back in January and engine finally went into limp mode, had to call Green Flag out, he told me what's up with it, took it to a garage and they confirmed it.

Only running on 3 cylinders and misfiring.
Had the fuel injector on cylinder 4 replaced, at a cost of just over £380.
Car still not fixed, but looking around at other garages and getting other opinions before going ahead with what this garage recommended - a fuel injector loom replacement.

The mechanic said the wires look corroded, where it's been rubbing against something, but didn't show me/take any photos and din't do any further tests on it.

Engine codes they've read are
P1412 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Frozen
P0380 Glow Plug Circuit A Malfunction
P1602 Immobilize/ECM Communication Error
P1204 Cylinder No. 4 Injector Circuit Open/Shorted

They said the loom might get it running back to normal, but can't guarantee that.

Another garage did diagnostics and said I need to take it back to them for them to finish the job they started but I'm reluctant to go back to them as they've quoted over £480 for the loom replacement and they're still not definite it will fix the problem and aren't auto-electrician specialists.

That would be just shy of 900 quid blown on someone just reading codes and carrying out, what I quite frankly think, is guesswork.

If it's more than just the loom, I really can't afford to be spending more on it, so will sell to someone interested in dismantling and selling for parts, or as a do-er upper, or to a scrap yard.

I'm leaving the country on March 1st, and the MOT is also due (I've booked it in for the 24th before I go) so really do not want to be wasting more time and money on this, but as I said, if there's a way of making sure it is just the loom to get the engine out of limp mode and up and running, will persevere.

Ford Fiesta - Fiesta 2008 TDCi Powertrain malfunction dash light - thunderbird

MOT is also due (I've booked it in for the 24th before I go)

Car will fail MOT with engine light illuminated. You would be wasting your money and time taking it.

Ford Fiesta - Fiesta 2008 TDCi Powertrain malfunction dash light - elekie&a/c doctor
Not necessarily, the engine mil on a diesel only applies to vehicles registered after July 2008 . Don’t waste your money fixing it . Pass it on to somebody else as a project.

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