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Vaux Senator Faulty Digital Dash Display - welshy
On a \"C\" registered Vauxhall Senator 3.0 CD the dash is all digital apprt from the mileometer . My problem is that where the gauges show fuel,oil,battery,water temp , they no longer light up when the ignition is switched on , speedo and rev counter are fine . Is the problem just down to a bulb , or has the whole dash got to be replaced ? I need advice fairly quickly as im intending on buying the car .Help me please ........?????

You might find more people will be more interested in your thread if you mention in the Subject header the problem you\'re having, rather than just \"Help Needed quickly\" That is why I changed it for you. DD.
Help needed fairly quickly please - StuW
Trying searching the boy racer websites on the internet for modding vauxhall cars because putting the digital dash out of the astra gte etc into other astras and novas seems quite popular and i'm sure you could find some help with your problem that someone has experienced. Try searching for example "nova digital dash conversion guide" or something like that and then look on the website for an FAQ or if it has any advice on this sort of thing. Also if it isn't just a simple bulb failure you could always just get a new one of ebay or a scrapyard etc.
Help needed fairly quickly please - StuW
Oh yeah just thought of a more cynical reason why it may not be a simple bulb failure as you say only the speedo and rev counter are working, maybe the other warning lights have been disconnected to hide problems etc? Maybe not but you can never be too careful.
Help needed fairly quickly please - Aprilia
Most likely to be something simple like a bad earth, or something terminal like a failed microprocessor in the instrument pack.

Anyway, try posting the query to these guys:

Help needed fairly quickly please - RogerL
I too had a C-reg Senator which lost half of it's display. Suspecting bulb failure I bought new bulbs from my Vauxhall dealer, very specialised and expensive but cured the problem when I dropped the display whilst taking it out.

So try checking all connections behind the dash and then hitting it!

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