car insurance - brillo
I had an accident with another car. The quotes for repairs to both cars will be excessive. I know this because I went with the other person involved to a car body repair garage and believe the quote to repair their car and the quote for my car damage( from a different garage) would be sustantially cheaper if the insurance company sent an independant assessor to view the damage to the other person's car and if I used my own sourced professional repairer(proper job,baking oven,top of the range paints etc).
I rang my insurance company and asked them if I could reduce their costs by upto £1000 would they be willing to 'reimburse' me the loss of my excess and loss of NCBonus the following year(s). They said unfortunately they couldn't. Their hands were tied no matter what I saved them.'It's the system' they said.
Howver they said they would still appreciate me telling them 'what I know' and any help to get their costs down.
As yet I havn't told them.
What do your readers think about this. Surely this is ridiculous that they won't offer a carrot to save themselves money?
How can I get them to see sense and come to a deal?

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