Grubby seats! - stevieb
Hi all - bit of a trivial one, but does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning the general dirt from my fabric (not velour etc.) seats. I used an off-the-shelf upholstry cleaner from Halfords and now can't get rid of the stink it's created...think the dirt was preferable!!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated - plus any tips for ridding the car of a slight smokey odour!

Grubby seats! - Chris M
IMO there's only one way to properly clean car seats once they are at the grubby stage and that's to hire a carpet cleaner. Use the upholstery attachment and be amazed what gets sucked out.

Chris M
Grubby seats! - Vansboy
good idea, Chris.
The sheet of Bounce tumble dryer stuff, left under the seat, suggested in TradeTips post, might help smell!
Grubby seats! - Marcos{P}
A few years ago my sister bought a second hand Renault 5 and the bloke who owned it must have smoked 40 a day in the car, everything was yellow and dirty.
I just used my Vax and the dirt that came out was incredible, it took three attempts but when finished the seats looked like new.
Grubby seats! - Dynamic Dave
To help get rid of the smokey smells, try giving the interior a liberal spraying of Fabreeze when you've finished using the car for the day.
Grubby seats! - Colin M
I bought an old Golf from a woman who used it as damp dog transport. I used a hired \"Rug Doctor\" from Homebase, then with the blower on slow, emptied a can of Neutradol into the external vent intake. Switched blower off and left doors shut for couple of hours. Worked a treat and the advantage of squirting it in through the external channel was that it nuked all the lingering stuff in the heater matrix etc.

PS Don\'t try this whilst seated in the car!
Grubby seats! - stevieb
Fantastic - thanks all as usual a great response. Rented a cleaner for the weekend and plan to suck out the worst on the seat bases and hopefully brighten up the rest...ahhh fabreeze, hadn't thought of that one!!

Cheers all

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